Cat sketch


Pounce, purr, play, prowl,

Hide, hunt, hop, howl,

Bright, black, brown, bowl,

Occult, ocular original owl.

Nose, naughty,  named Noel,

Sweet, silly, soft soul.

Chilled, cheeky, cat, cruel,

Leap, lithe,  light, lol,

Food, fine, feathered, fowl.

Sharp, sleek, strong, seal,

jump, jink, joy, jowl.

Can’t think of any more rhymes for prowl…. I used owl because I was thinking of their exceptional eyesight


Grey cat

Grey Cat, you sit and wait, for Mum or Dad or daughter Dotty.

But none come, they are gone….

Did you leave them, or they you? No one knows,

abandoned or lost, you have no home, but a brick shell, dilapidated, fusty, dirty, roof gone, open to frost.

Grey Cat, you are friendly, dusty, big head, thin….

You are white that is grey, and grey that is dark grey.

Your human Mum and Dad may miss you, but have already grieved, your loss tore apart a family.

Grey Cat, you have a territory, but bulldozers encroach.

Are you a Dad, are your kittens with their Mum. Do they rest their paws on dirt, or on old willow pattern tiles?

Grey Cat, I wish you well, may your days be long and loved.

Fare you well…….



India and Bandit…

India and Bandit were kittens, born in January 2017. They were two of four born to their mother.

I had taken in two rescue cats and one if them turned out to be pregnant.  They were cute as kittens are, bouncing round the house, climbing up the curtains, spinning round chasing their tails….

They have new names now, are fully grown I guess. I saw some of their photos and they looked lovely. I haven’t seen pictures of them recently so I hope they are doing well.

I have tried to write a poem about a kitten….

Kitten runs around the house,               Up and down the stairs.   Jumps from ground…                                             to curtain top.    Leaps across the bed.

Kitten rolls and plays with toys,                   into everything….      chases tail for hours and hours….             pounces on my nose,   falls asleep and purrs.

Kitten grows into a cat….                         lythe and soft and fast    still she chases all her toys                             never seems to stop      waits for belly rubs.

Cat grows old                                                        now she snores      she is old and grey.              Now she creeps but never leaps        one day she will be gone.

Tail wagger


Tail wagger, nose twitcher,

Not Dog, but Cat!

Ear flicker, whisker shiver,

Feline shape, replete.

Claw slasher, paw dasher,

Chasing round the room,

Not mouse, nor rat.

Pure Pussy Cat!


Goodnight cat, don’t you creep

About the house while I sleep.

Have a rest,

my fine familiar,

Rest your head upon your paws,

Sleep my puddy tat!


G’night Cat


G’night cat                                                                                               my coffee’s getting cold,

I’m ready for bed,

And I’m feeling rather old….

G’night cat                                                                                               I must do as I’m told

Get your beauty sleep,

Drift off upon a cloud……

G’night cat                                                                                               but your purrs are getting loud

Well 10 minutes more

Til my dreams of you unfold……

Companion Cats

I have had cats for most of my life…

Small ones, big ones, cheeky ones, timid ones…

Inevitably they get into my photos, drawings and have probably seen a few of them over the months I have been here. Some I paint from life, as pet portraits, but these are a little looser, cat shaped and friendly. I try and capture their spirit and character as well as their likeness in these pictures.

The photo of my mad male cat, sticking his head up behind the easel amuses me. I didn’t realise he was there till he popped up and looked at me. I took a photo as I may do a painting of him…..

So what next? I hope I get a few commissions as I do like painting animals. We are holding an open studio on 20 May 2018. There will be workshops, an exhibition, stalls and open studios….maybe that will result in some work to do…

Pictures on my phone. ..


My phone is getting so full of instagram pictures and camera photos. I added an SD card so I can store more, but there are too many to scroll through. So I created a separate gallery with some of my old photos…a painting if a friend , the canvas stretched over a curved chair back because I could not afford a stretcher..painted over 30 years ago… (somehow I have it twice)…a painting of koi carp at a garden centre….parts of a mural I helped paint along with several other artists, including me standing at the board it was painting on…a blue mecanopsis poppy….an Abyssinian cat painted on a blue background…. my old cat Molly, the year before she died…a painting of an Autumn woman…similar to the ancient green man….my grandmother, only the head is from a photo, the rest is imagined…and finally a photo taken at a lovely garden…the Dorothy Clive garden which us a few miles from where I live. ..

So many things to look at, to paint, to enjoy. I cannot stick to one theme.  It is like just eating cheddar cheese and not trying brie or goats cheese .

I think your mind needs to be open to experiences, thoughts, ideas. Don’t close yourself in. Freedom is possible, life is a wonderful thing.