More animals


You don’t have to take drawing seriously, you can experiment and learn new techniques as you go!

The thing I try and do is to draw something every day. They reckon that you need to do  10,000 hours at anything to become an expert, something like that anyway. At my age I must be well passed that…..

These are more digital drawings, probably done around 2012. They popped up on my Facebook feed as a memory.  It’s interesting to look back and see what you were doing years ago. It is like looking at old sketchbooks.

I want to do some more work like this, but it is finding time to do it that is the problem.

Anyway goodnight all!



Drawn on sketchfu

I have always drawn and painted animals. Horses are a particular favourite. So when I got onto the internet a few years ago I started drawing them on various sites.

Sketchfu was a website with simple drawing tools, but there was a great society there and you could get interesting results.

One thing I noticed when I look at these is that most of them face one way, head to the left , tail to the right. I seem to do the same if I draw a profile, they usually face left. I had a thought the its because I’m right handed? I wonder if left handed people draw right to left?

Horses are wonderful to draw and paint, sometimes they are so full of free spirit. I loved Shadowfax in thd Lord if the Rings. The thought of flying over the land on Pegasus would also be marvellous. Not forgetting unicorns which are a lovely mythical beast. I love the way they can have do many coat patterns. I think my favourites are grey.

So if you think you would like a horse painting get in touch. I might be able to help.


How do I?


Add a link to my Facebook or Instagram pages?

I’ve seen other people do this. It must be quite obvious. But after looking round this site I dont know how.

Someone will read this and laugh and say “Christine you do this, or you do that, simple”.

But I would like to find out how please?

I have friends who haven’t worked out WordPress yet, I managed to do it, but can’t remember how.  As you get older you definitely do get more forgetful. I call instructions “destructions”. Both me and my partner often don’t look at instructions, we try and take an educated guess..,which is why the gazebo blew down and when we put a frame tent up once the curtains ended up on the outside…but that’s another story….

So, I am asking you kind people …what, how, where, all those daft questions newbies like me ask.

No doubt your answers will help other newbies too!

I can’t keep up!

My brain is getting frazzled!IMG_20180329_113816_099

I joined wordpress a few months ago and am really enjoying the experience. There are lots of interesting blogs on here on all sorts of subjects.


I can’t keep up. My inbox is full of your wonderful blogs, each morsel should be read with devotion and rapt attention, but I have to admit I can’t do it!

How does anyone else manage! I can skim read a lot but I only have time to look at a few properly.  Most I want to click “like” on, to show they have grabbed my  eyes and made me stop and think.


I dont have time! I don’t have the capacity to read it all. The guilt I feel if I miss anything. Then again I have other social media to check. Other emails to read. Stuff off the internet that either interests me, or I have to deal with.

So please forgive me if I can’t like all your posts. I will try….

Old digital doodles

I do love digital doodling. I wont go into detail about these but just enjoy the simplicity or again the complexity of creating them. I can’t explain how I know something is finished. It just feels right. It  somehow ticks the boxes in my brain.

I wonder how ancient cave painters felt? What made them create marks on a cave wall… was it just to explain pictorially where the best game could be found , or was there more to it than that. .. Can we infer any spirutual or philosophical meaning to mark making? I know it gives me a feeling of satisfaction when I create something I love, but also the anti climax when I realise that other  people who look at my art don’t “get” that feeling that I do.

so why do it, why spend time when I might not sell a painting? Because I have to! I feel compelled to create. I guess there must be many more people out there that feel the same way. To those people I would say, keep doing it, keep going. Above all enjoy your art .


What do you do when ……?



Last year I was in hospital for 4 days. I was very ill, but as I recovered I got bored.  The only tv I could get was children’s TV. I was staring into space.

So I got my partner to bring in a sketchbook. The first drawing was of the window and the clouds because I was stuck in bed. The Sun was shining and I included the shadows cast on the wall. Fluffy clouds, something to make me wish I could get out!

The next day I did another one, but I must have drawn it later in the day because the shadows had moved. Also the window frame is far darker so the sun must have been higher and closer to mid day.

I always draw to keep myself occupied, whether its a sketch or a digital drawing I have to do it.

If I don’t draw you know I’m really ill. …!