I love colours!

But then you probably guessed that….

My favourite colour as a child was red, not pink….but hot , bright red. Some people say red is orange when it is bright, but I disagree.

I’m lucky to have full colour vision (even if it is a bit blurry) my other senses might not be so good but I love the bright cerulean blue of the sky. I love emerald green..Orange oranges, the brown, purple, greens of tree trunks…

Where would I be without the varied colours of the sea. Grey’s, blues, aquatic turquoise, even muddy orange when there has been a storm that drags soil or sand out into the water.

Yellows that make my heart sing. When I first moved into my own home I remember painting a room bright yellow. Like walking into pure sunlight.

Black and deep purple give contrast to stark white. But white and black can be warm or cold, just add a bit of red or blue to change the hue…

I love metallics too. I put them into my paintings to add interest…

So ask me what colour I hate? Not one, none, zero….  x

The problem with web based drawing sites!

Join an art based website at your peril!

I joined a site  and happily drew there for years. The site tools were simple to draw with, a colour picker, variable sized pens and opacity,  lovely,  no layers to mess with. I and many others enjoyed the site which saw a steady rise in use…

The problem as it got too popular. What was meant to be an art site got a lot of attention from bloggers who would write stories under the drawings. The moderators found it difficult to control, and the owners, who had started up another site, were giving less and less attention to it.

I enjoyed drawing challenges there, some of which are shown above. Honing my digital drawing skills. I was happy with what I was doing and made many friends. Sadly though, the site was eventually closed. The owners tried to transfer people across to the new site, but it had too many tools,  there were lots of things to do, but the site did not have the same feel as the old place. It seemed aimed at a younger audience. Eventually it too closed, to reappear as a different site where you could search for your old drawings but they were hard to find, and you coukd not add new work.

Luckily I had downloaded some of them before this happened. As with other sites, be careful to back up your drawings or they may be lost.

Colour makes me happy

I’ve taken some photos of blocks of colour with textures…what to do with them?


First I multiplied the blocks in an app called layout, then posted the pictures to Instagram using their filters to change one set to black and white. I then played with an app called sketcher free and drew in a figure of a woman.

I changed the colours in another called picsart and ended up changing the hue too.

It is amazing what you can do with a small tablet computer !

I intend to use these drawings as a basis for a painting. If it turns out ok I may post it here.

I suppose its a case of “colour me happy”

Look closely at the smaller pictures to see the figure….


Getting ready for a stall

20180306_225311After a couple of weeks struggling with a cold I’m now preparing work for a stall at an  international womens day event at Burslem School of Art on Saturday.

That basically means getting paintings together that I can display for sale.

The last time I did something like this was when I sat inside at Spode Studios last November when it was almost as cold inside as outside!  I only sold a few tiny paintings. I have also had a stall in the winter a few years ago. It was cold and I did not sell much. So I have to say I’m a bit nervous of doing it.

At least I have some new business cards and labels done. I’m trying to be more professional.  Is there anything  I should think about?

There should be quite a few crafters there on Saturday. Hopefully it will be a good day.


Finished Snake painting

After changing the black background to turquoise, I felt it was too close to the colour of the snake.

I tried modelling the shape of it more. As its an imaginary picture I didn’t use any reference images, so I’m not sure if the scales look OK. The ladder seems to work.

So I finally chose a dark red to contrast with the snake and to try and make it stand out more. The last photo is a bit blurred as it was taken on my phone. I have now entered it for a local Open exhibition. I will be surprised if it gets in, I guess its a bit unique for an open show, we will see!

Today’s paintings

This is what I get up to when I’m ill.

The first painting is a window in a wall at Spode. When I was a child there used to be a tv programme on called Play school. You were told stories and it would say things like look what’s happening through the round/square/arched window.

This reminds me of that.

The snake painting started out as a vague collection if coils. But then I decided to turn it into some sort of snake.

As I filled it in I saw it needed something else, so I added the ladder. I guess I am harking back to my childhood again, where we would play games of snakes and ladders.

Here it is almost finished. I’m not too sure about the colours though. It might need brightening up!

I changed the background and snake a bit more.

I finished this painting by changing the background from black to green, then a dark sparkly red. The problem is I don’t seem to be able to add photos to this peice so I shall have to blog again!

One word to describe my Art? “Eclectic”

Some artists have a theme they keep to, they will always paint birds or sculpt bodies, or even unmake beds.

I cannot do that, my mind jumps all over the place.  I usually paint in acrylics, but have also painted scenery, made props for plays, made pottery. I take reasonable photographs.  I recently crocheted blue squares and circles for a friends installation. I have painted murals, drawn in the sand on beaches, done digital art… I am eclectic.

Give me something to make a mark and something sparks in my brain, like a fire, and it won’t easily go out. The more I do the more I feel I can and should do better.

Isn’t it mad how a grey lump of stuff in your head can make you create?  Some people write, others make music. Something in my mind is very visual. I wish I knew more about how the mind works to explain mine. It must be something to do with memory and hand eye co-ordination. I started drawing at about 4 and I haven’t really stopped since.

So I have posted a few more pictures,  not all good, but its hard to search through so many images to find representative work.

If you want to draw, paint or create art, don’t hesitate, do it. The more you do the better you get. Practice helps, you can learn new techniques. Just don’t be afraid to try!