Painting Earth



I finished my nebula paint in tonight and I had this black canvas, so I have started a painting of Earth.

I remember seeing the Apollo 11 landing on TV. I was only young and Dad got us up out if bed to see it. Grainy pictures showed Armstrong stepping down the ladder.

I think that inspired my love of science and space. Then seeing the photo of Earth rising above the moon fascinated me. The old TV programmes did not show Earth properly, sci fi had Earth without clouds, just blue oceans and brown land.. Seeing the reality, especially the photo showing the African continent was so special.

So anyway.  I like planets, I have painted Jupiter a couple of times and this is the second time I have painted Earth. It is amazing to see the colours and clouds. I wish I was young enough to go into space to see the reality.


Here is the painting again…almost finished…I may add more detail to the clouds, painted under electric light so need to see it in the daytime. .

Breaking the block!

Going to an arts group is a great way to start painting again when you are struggling.

I’m a member of a couple of groups so I spent a few hours today doing a couple of little paintings, a view of a hill with a sunset adapted from an old magazine photo and a green man or woman (not sure yet) from my imagination, but taking the eyes , mouth and nose from a face on a leaflet at a local fire station where we hire a room once a month.

As usual I’m concerned with colours, trying to get them right…is there too much brown in the green person painting? Is the sunset too dazzling in the  hill and lake painting (which is only about 1 by 1 and 1/2 inches).

I started discussing skies with other members of the group. Trying to think through how to render the light on clouds as the sun sets. To be honest when I get my hands on a paintbrush and paints I soon start creating again. The friendly support of the other members of the group just gave me that lift I needed.

If you can join a group I would recommend it. Each person had a unique idea of what they wanted to paint or draw. We all have our own styles, and some people wanted to use pastels, while others were using oils or acrylics. Each make marks differently. It’s wonderful to take a walk round the room and watch the progress of the artists there.

So…….the block is broken. There may be a mass of pictures coming this way soon!

Wednesday pen and ink studies

I did not have my soft pencils with me last night..I was drawing at the life study class I go to on Wednesday evenings.

So I used a fine knibbed ink pen instead. It made shading the figures more difficult, using more cross hatching than I would do usually.

I also had to solve the problem of sketching in a small, square, sketchbook because I could not find the one I usually draw in. So for the standing figure I turned the paper at an angle so that it fitted in across the diagonal of the paper.

I recently was given an old book of anatomy for figure drawing for student artists ( I will have to check the title)… the drawings look so old fashioned and precise.  I’m afraid my eyesight these days prevents me from being as accurate as I used to be, and sometimes I get the proportions of the figure wrong.

A case in point is a small painting I did of this model in acrylic on canvas. I decided to block in the colours first, because she was sitting on a vibrant red/pink cloth and there was a yellow carpet and floor, with strong diagonal staging behind her.

Unfortunately I ran out of time on this. I may try and make her head larger as clearly it is too small.

I quite like the composition. The diagonal angle of her body contrasts with that of the stage.

I will continue to draw and paint figures. It helps to work out how people are “put together”.


The painting is too sketchy. I dont know whether to shorten her legs or her body as well as enlarging her face. It’s a conundrum which I want to solve. But not today.


Commission’s welcome

Please feel free to contact me if you would like a picture.

I love painting as you know and I pride myself on detailed work. I am not a photo realist but I think my portraits are pretty accurate and my landscapes are intricate.

So if you feel you would like to invest in something artistic, that is your choice, your vision, let me know.

I am currently working towards exhibiting a few peices at Spode, and an exhibition in June at Etruria in Stoke on Trent. I am happy to consider painting landscapes and portraits and I am also able to paint in various styles, so if you would like an abstract painting perhaps I can help? I also paint animals, so  pet portraits are also available, just ask….



Orme Art group

A group of like minded artists.

I go to an art group occasionally and either paint or draw. They meet on Saturdays and sometimes we do a group activity but today we did our own thing.

This portrait is of an old friend who has a tattooed face. I am doing two pictures, one for him and one for me. It is a challenge to try and get an accurate representation but I think I am getting there. I look into his gentle eyes and see how interesting he is.

I only spent about 3 hours on this so far. It is acrylic on canvas, about 10 inches by 14 . I took a photo of a detail of the chin because I liked the simple marks I had used.

Anyway, hope you like it.