Colours, shapes and texture make up this pattern. Using digital apps can create images that would not be easy to create on paper or canvas.img_20190117_002155

Once you have done that you could use another app to duplicate and twist the images. I love patterns and continue to create images like this.

It’s really not hard to do and it would be good to see more art being created in this way. Be brave! Have a go! You might surprise yourself.


Are your walls full?


Clutter or art. I have such a visual brain that I love to see things on my walls. But I know my way is not everyone’s way.

But I would argue that there is some wonderful, arresting, interesting and challenging art out there and as an artist I like to add to it.

So if you would like something painting or drawing get in touch. I would be so happy to create something for you.

Pre Christian Celtic Art

These are some of the illustrations I did for my  thesis on pre Christian celtic art from the fifteenth century BC to the first AD.

Sorry they are not beautifully photographed  but it’s 3.30am and I was excited because I found it and it’s the first time I’ve seen it for about 38 years!

I see now where I get my love of patterns from and that I could do some of these drawings now.  I don’t know where I started with some of them…. Oh the confidence of youth.

There are photographs in the thesis but I haven’t included them as they were taken by a friend. They are starting to fade but surprisingly the pen and ink drawings I did seem to have stayed stable. Probably because it’s been stored in a drawer…

Right. Bedtime I think.

Bicycle on the wall


I remember this cafe in Burslem. Its called the market place cafe. We sometimes visit it when we are in the town. They do nice food. What I really liked was this bike displayed on the wall. Painted gold, it was high up and shining in the sunlight.  I took the photo in 2016. Another taken on my old phone.

It seems bikes can be used as art works. We have just got  a multi coloured bike from the Art Stop in Stoke  It’s going to be restored to a working bike but I want to keep the colours it’s been painted (mostly pink and blue) so I will varnish the frame.


The painting’s on the wall.


There is a form of art called graffiti that has been created for centuries. But there is a modern take on it by artists creating pictures using stencils. The most famous of these is called Banksy.

Recently a painting has appeared on a garage wall in a Welsh town called Port Talbot. It’s of a fire burning on a garage and a young girl standing in that pose when you are standing in the snow, arms and face held upwards with the snow falling on them. But in this case the snow is actually the ashes falling down from the fire. I think it questions what sort of world young children are growing up in. Banksy paintings are worth a lot of money, so a fence has been erected around this one. His work has been defaced, painted over, removed and sold, and in one case shredded. It all goes to show what an influence he is having.

Art is fascinating because it is ubiquitous. Without it what a dull place the world would be. If we have to have graffiti I would prefer a Banksy to rude or crude images that sometimes appear on local walls. Art can be interesting, startling, ugly or beautiful. As can life.