Angela’s glass

I bought this lovely handkerchief glass vase after going to a friend’s glass workshop. My partner and I also made ones of our own. I will try and take photos of them.

This peice has graded blue colours from dark to light and smaller square pieces. The pieces of glass are placed on a plain glass layer and melted in a kiln till they fuse. The resulting square of glass is then placed over a cylindrical mold and heated again until it slumps again into a handkerchief shape. This peice was a present for a friend. Like all crafts, glass is something you have to learn¬† I’m really glad I attended the workshop and would definitely go again, although I don’t know if I could ever get this good.



Paint blue sky and take photos, take photos of different areas and duplicate and mix them up. Colours are a mixture of ultra marine, cerulean blue and zinc white.

It’s the top half of a painting of spode on a sunny day .There isn’t much progress yet so I decided to this rather than show you a progress picture.¬† I’ve just been too busy.

Anyway more to come I have a new painting to start of Jupiter to get done by Friday … Help

Work in progress, mermaid

I decided to paint a mermaid but didn’t want it to be Disneyish. So I’ve used a photo of a victorian painting to work from. Obviously that face was not blue and I have changed the image in other ways to make it more interesting. I don’t have much more to do to it but I have left it for the moment. I will probably finish it off in the next couple of days..

Sky, trapped.


Your sky is trapped up high,

Below the stars you spy

Cerulean blues,

Ultramarine hues.

Tiles and bricks embrace

a pale blue face,

Reflecting windows catch the rays

of sunlight dappling through leaves.

No clouds can dampen your topaz sight.

slow shading to darkest night.

Trapped blue, without rain,

tomorrow shine out again.

Old green lampost


Like Poseidons trident, copper, turquoise green,

You stand gaunt against the sky.

A foregone, forgotten, street light or gaslamp?

Still holding your shape,

like an ancient but modern sculpture,

battling the elements, salt spray, sea mists. ..

Atop a castle keep? No arch of stone,

barrier to tide.

To light the lonely home after one too many?

Find their mackerel way back from the fishmongers?

Spent a day out at sea and you, lighthouse, cast a gentle glow?

Find solace for the bereaved,

a tristing place away from the town?

Seafront, sentinel, what did you Sea?