Cat sketch


Pounce, purr, play, prowl,

Hide, hunt, hop, howl,

Bright, black, brown, bowl,

Occult, ocular original owl.

Nose, naughty,  named Noel,

Sweet, silly, soft soul.

Chilled, cheeky, cat, cruel,

Leap, lithe,  light, lol,

Food, fine, feathered, fowl.

Sharp, sleek, strong, seal,

jump, jink, joy, jowl.

Can’t think of any more rhymes for prowl…. I used owl because I was thinking of their exceptional eyesight


Grey cat

Grey Cat, you sit and wait, for Mum or Dad or daughter Dotty.

But none come, they are gone….

Did you leave them, or they you? No one knows,

abandoned or lost, you have no home, but a brick shell, dilapidated, fusty, dirty, roof gone, open to frost.

Grey Cat, you are friendly, dusty, big head, thin….

You are white that is grey, and grey that is dark grey.

Your human Mum and Dad may miss you, but have already grieved, your loss tore apart a family.

Grey Cat, you have a territory, but bulldozers encroach.

Are you a Dad, are your kittens with their Mum. Do they rest their paws on dirt, or on old willow pattern tiles?

Grey Cat, I wish you well, may your days be long and loved.

Fare you well…….

Tail wagger


Tail wagger, nose twitcher,

Not Dog, but Cat!

Ear flicker, whisker shiver,

Feline shape, replete.

Claw slasher, paw dasher,

Chasing round the room,

Not mouse, nor rat.

Pure Pussy Cat!


Goodnight cat, don’t you creep

About the house while I sleep.

Have a rest,

my fine familiar,

Rest your head upon your paws,

Sleep my puddy tat!


Cats and Dogs

Cat or Dog! Which would you choose?

For pets, cats are my favourite. But I have met some lovely, friendly, mad dogs in my time.

I do think cats are more fastidious than dogs. The idea of taking a dog for a walk and having to clean up after it does not appeal. But if it is your friend I suppose that is part of the obligation and responsibility.

I dont understand people keeping large cats as pets. Apparently there are more big cats, like lions and tigers, in captivity in America than there are left in the wild .

Don’t talk to me about hunting and poaching  animals. As far as I am concerned people who kill lions, tigers, or wild dogs for trophies, or catch big cats to sell on to people who use their body parts for medicine all need imprisoning for a very long time. I think they are evil.

Cats and Dogs can be utterly beautiful, but also very strange. Dachshunds, Devon Rex cats, Maine Coon, Rottweilers, so many breeds, shapes, sizes.

So in the end its your choice……

Escher cat

My dear friend who runs a forge called Sculpted Steel.

Late last year I asked my friend if she could make me a cat for my garden. She took on the commission and I drew a quick sketch of what I wanted.

That was a few months ago. There have been a few hiccups and ups and downs, but I finally collected “Escher” today.

He is finely made. The details are brilliant. He even has green eyes! My friend took on board my request that the whiskers were to be curled roundcat the ends to stop anyone poking themselves in the eye. It has been finished off with green car paint.

Escher is now in a quiet part of the garden. He might even frighten off the neighbours cat, at least can’t pounce on the birds!

G’night Cat


G’night cat                                                                                               my coffee’s getting cold,

I’m ready for bed,

And I’m feeling rather old….

G’night cat                                                                                               I must do as I’m told

Get your beauty sleep,

Drift off upon a cloud……

G’night cat                                                                                               but your purrs are getting loud

Well 10 minutes more

Til my dreams of you unfold……