Finished cats

They came out quite well considering that I’ve been laid up with a cold and sore throat for most of the week.

I passed them on to there owner but was feeling quite rough and then spent the rest of the afternoon worrying if they liked them.

Not very professional. Perhaps next time if I’m ill I should wait until I’m better before doing this again.

Still feeling off so I’m having a bit of a rest.


Old painting


This was a painting I must have done in the summer of 1983 or 1984, soon after I finished college I think.

My friend had lots of cats so I did a portrait of her with them.

I wanted to do the painting but didn’t have any stretched canvases to hand so I got some linen canvas and stretched it over a horseshoe shaped chair back with an extra peice of wood nailed in place at the bottom.

The painting was in oils  This was before I started using acrylics. After it was finished I gave it to my friend.

A year or two ago it turned up. It had moved house with my friend and she had got it propped up in the kitchen when I visited one day. It was starting to deteriorate because it wasn’t proper canvas and had a couple of holes in it. Bearing in mind it had been painted about 34 years before I guess it has done well. I took photos of it and left.

Sadly the painting got damaged beyond repair when they moved again. But at least I have this photo and I did a small copy which another friend purchased.

It feels like I am letting children go when they go to new homes .You never know if they will survive. At least I know this one’s history.


Kitty cats


Kitty little, kitty life,

Kitty food, kitty moods,

Cat paws, cat whiskers,

Cat nose, cat eyes.

Moggie purrs, Moggie snores,

Moggie paws, moggie ears,

Feline mind, feline fine,

Feline playing, feline leaps

Felix chase, Felix eat,

Felix fly, Felix fur…

Cats at home, cats in the garden,

cats up trees, cats chase toys.

Beautiful, soft, fluffy and fierce,

Cats are my friends for life….

Quantum cats…

Everything is ‘Quantum’ these days, its a word used for cleaning products, sci fi programmes, batteries….

Quantum, meaning tiny packets of energy, such as a quantum of light or electrons.

I’m no physicist or chemist but it does interest me. A few years ago I read a couple of books by John Gribben, “In search of Schrodingers cat” and “In search of Shrodingers kittens”.

See Wikipedia for information about Erwin Schrodinger. I tried to post a link but it would not copy over.

The idea is a thought experiment where a cat is placed in a box and a radioactive source is used to determine whether a poison will be released into the box killing the cat. There is no way of telling if the cat is alive or dead unless you open the box….. the cat is in a duality of states in the thought experiment, neither alive or dead until an outside influence, ( you or me) open the box to determine what has happened.

Seeing the cats this morning reminded me of the books.

Apparently electrons can become entangled and then even if they are separated by the entire universe, they will still react at the same time if something happens to one of them….Einstein called it a spooky reaction at a distance,¬† or something like that, I don’t remember the exact quote. But it showed that something was moving faster than light to make this happen. I don’t understand half of what was being explained but that is no reason to not try and understand, if you see what I mean.

Other authors and books to read?

Richard Feynmann, “QED”…stands for quantum electro dynamics. ( hard going and I didn’t understand much of it)

Feynmann wrote several books “Surely you are joking Mr Feynmann” is a wonderful autobiography and gives an inkling of what quantum mechanics is about.

I would write more, but my knowledge is too poor. However I hope I have tickled your thought-buds?!

(Apologies to scientists out there for this rather sketchy blog post)

Cat in a box on its side…


My cat tipped his box up today and seemed to enjoy sitting in it like that. Each end of the box has a hole in it and he could see his sister through the hole. He pounced on her a few times, with that bottom waggle that cats do.

I know it makes a mess of the house, but the cats love boxes and how could you say no to this?

Cat jumps into box …

Cat jumps onto chair …

Cat jumps up to windowsill….

Box tips up

Chair is now occupied by cat.

Plant falls off window ledge.

Cause and effect?

Cat thinks it’s just normal.

Human tidies up box,

Human picks cat off chair, cat sits on humans lap.

Human replaces plant, cat knocks it off again, and again, and again.

Humans never learn!



Cats are said to be Familiars, aloof but linked to their owners, and disdainful of fuss from anyone else. My experience is that I can make friends with most of them, if I can work out what sort of sound they like.

Years of being owned by cats teaches you that they respond to different noises or looks from the person trying to befriend them.

Noises: churring, purring, chuch-chuch sounds seem popular with cats, I’ve practiced making purring noises since we first had a cat. Then miaow, or prrup sounds, with kittens or shy cats I try and sound like a little cat crying, it’s sometimes difficult to get high pitched enough. But hit the right note (quietly) and a shy kitten may become more friendly.

Looks: If the cat stares at you don’t stare back. slow eye blinks are the thing, close your eyes and keep them shut for a second. Cats do the same thing and it makes them feel less threatend.

Gestures: If you want to stroke a cat just offer it the back of your hand or a finger to sniff, dont try and stroke it unless it starts to rub its head against your hand. Don’t lunge at it or try and pick it up. Cats are small animals and can feel intimidated.

Also try not to make loud noises which will startle the cat.

If you see your cats tail wagging/waving it might be getting annoyed or excited and wanting to play, just be careful, a paw may take a swipe at you and cats have sharp claws! Also be wary of the tooth and claw situation…..ow!

Cats like fusses, being stroked, if they are enjoying it they may start kneading you with their front paws, but beware a cat having its stomach stroked or tickled might kick out with its back legs while grabbing you with its front paws and biting ….

I’ve learnt from experience that you have to move your hand away carefully, pull I away and you can end up badly scratched.

Do: treat a cat with respect, try and make friends, enjoy the love a cat can share with you.

Don’t: shout at it, pull its tail, insist on picking it up if it doesn’t want you to.