Black and White cats


Two tiers of cats, one tries to get higher than the other. Both sleep, then a tail flickers or a whisker twitches, and they wake, wash, then chase each other round the room, upstairs, into the front bedroom, thundering paws shaking the floorboards.

Hot cats sleep more in this weather, try to find cool places. The newly refurbished kitchen is ideal at night. Apparently there is a lack of insulation in the roof so it gets cooler in the evening. I walk in there and one cat is curled up in the fruit bowl and the other is lying on top of the cooker cover.

One morning this week the male cat was asleep in a box. Why would an animal covered in thick fur decide to take a nap in something that would make it warmer?

Black and White photos of black and white cats appeal to me. You can see more of the patterns on their coats. The background colours are not there to distract your vision and the gradation of greys makes for a more interesting picture.

Sometimes one cat is easier to take a picture of than the other. Our female cat is very friendly when she wants a fuss but more often than not she will find somewhere quiet under a cupboard to sleep. She also runs off when I try and photograph her.

They are a brother and sister…..but the male is twice as large as the female. I like it when they move in synchronisation or lie down in mirror image positions.

I love my cats, and I think they love me back.



Missing Cat

Seamus NOW HOME!20180621_230006

Seamus our boy cat has gone missing. We think he sneaked out while the builder had the bathroom window open.

I know its a long shot, but for anyone living in Stoke or Penkhull who is not on Facebook please can you let me know if you find him. He has a dark blue collar with diamond sparkly bits. He has a name tag with his address and our landline number. He has been microchipped .

He is timid and is probably hiding somewhere.  He does not like cars.  If he went to the front door and a car drove past he would run away from the noise of it. Unfortunately there are a lot of quiet roads and gardens behind us so he could have got a long way by now.

He has odd pupils to his eyes, one is slightly higher than the other so it looks like he is looking in slightly different directions. He has a heart murmer and may be affected by the heat.

Please let me know if you see or hear him. ..

He is now home having a wash lying on my foot! I whistled and shouted for two hours outside the back door. He always comes to me in the house when I whistle… also left his cat litter outside….


There is a whole cluster of poppies in poor soil round the corner from where I live.

These are tall oriental ones. But we also have Welsh poppies which are yellow and orange. We have grown ladybird poppies which are red and black and we once grew a Himalayan poppy, (mecanopsis?) which is bright blue.

So inevitably they get into my photos and paintings…..

Poppy, poppy, I see you flutter, blue sky, red headed beauty

Poppy, poppy, mediaeval sleep enhancer, narcotic, danger.

Poppies, poppy, seeds for flavour, thriving on old building sites.

Poppies, poppies, memories of war, petals fluttering down upon our heads.

Papaver, poppy , horticultural star. Giver of colour and Sun.

Time is up for seller 19


Well that’s it! The Place to Be, in Newcastle-under-Lyme is closing down, so I have just been to collect my little paintings.

A mixture of cats and space  (there was a 1960’s film about that) sea and sand , fish and stained glass. My collection of paintings are things that have taken my fancy.

Unfortunately there was not enough footfall in the area where the shop was situated and as with anything else if it isn’t making money it’s not going to last.

I feel sorry for the owners of the shop which is a charity, but they cannot throw good money after bad, and I feel sorry for all the other sellers who are relying on small shops to try and sell there crafts.

I’m not sure if selling paintings in a craft shop is such a good idea. It’s that split between Art and Craft, how do you define them? What makes it different. Does reproducing something over and over again turn it into a craft? And yet some painters can do the same theme again and again.

Shops on the high street, especially independents, seem to be being hit hard. No shop can last if its rent and rates are too high. They are an expression of the lack of money around at the moment. People have to spend what they have on necessities and I’m afraid my paintings come under “luxuries”.

I will try and find another outlet for my pictures….perhaps on line…



India and Bandit…

India and Bandit were kittens, born in January 2017. They were two of four born to their mother.

I had taken in two rescue cats and one if them turned out to be pregnant.  They were cute as kittens are, bouncing round the house, climbing up the curtains, spinning round chasing their tails….

They have new names now, are fully grown I guess. I saw some of their photos and they looked lovely. I haven’t seen pictures of them recently so I hope they are doing well.

I have tried to write a poem about a kitten….

Kitten runs around the house,               Up and down the stairs.   Jumps from ground…                                             to curtain top.    Leaps across the bed.

Kitten rolls and plays with toys,                   into everything….      chases tail for hours and hours….             pounces on my nose,   falls asleep and purrs.

Kitten grows into a cat….                         lythe and soft and fast    still she chases all her toys                             never seems to stop      waits for belly rubs.

Cat grows old                                                        now she snores      she is old and grey.              Now she creeps but never leaps        one day she will be gone.