Purple Heart

I drew a purple heart to follow my colour theme, then realised its a symbol of being wounded in America?

This is not my meaning, I also added extra hearts, which remind me of the flower dicentra spectabile …if that’s what its called?

I love the colour. When I was young I wanted a bike, but because my parents could not afford it they got me a car race track instead¬† (to be honest I think it was more for my dad?) Anyway there was a gorgeous model of a purple sports car with it, all shiney purple. I had not seen that colour before, having black and white tv, and only cheap felt pens to colour with. I remember some of the other cars to, a turquoise blue estate car and a green Capri type….

I would have liked the sports car when I started to drive, but I ended up with my mom’s old car ( she told me watch out the brakes are a bit worn) which I promptly crashed into a low stone wall on our first trip out in the countryside…but it was because I had to avoid a car driven at about 40 miles an hour which was oncoming from round a corner on a narrow road. It was either a head on collusion, or dodge. I dodged and ended up knocking my engine back about 6 inches. But, we were OK. The car was a write off… the other car disappeared without stopping.

Moral, don’t drive down country lanes when you have only just passed your test!



Green is the colour of air and growth, oxygen and life.

Without Green we have no breath. Our lungs are starved of 21 percent.

Photosynthesis brings life, gas, food, and clean water. Blue needs Green to make turquoise pools and seas.

The leaves of trees that clean pollution, algae that feed the oceans. Green is life, on hills and valleys, boughs that leap up to the sky.

Green if lost is death to Earth. Green men, green women, green children, without green we are gone. Without it we cannot exist. Hold green tight and keep it safe. or desert will replace us all.

I think this is a bit jumbled up. I dont know whether to use blank verse. I am a bit out if my depth but I want to try. X

Companion Cats

I have had cats for most of my life…

Small ones, big ones, cheeky ones, timid ones…

Inevitably they get into my photos, drawings and paintings..you have probably seen a few of them over the months I have been here. Some I paint from life, as pet portraits, but these are a little looser, cat shaped and friendly. I try and capture their spirit and character as well as their likeness in these pictures.

The photo of my mad male cat, sticking his head up behind the easel amuses me. I didn’t realise he was there till he popped up and looked at me. I took a photo as I may do a painting of him…..

So what next? I hope I get a few commissions as I do like painting animals. We are holding an open studio on 20 May 2018. There will be workshops, an exhibition, stalls and open studios….maybe that will result in some work to do…