We have an art challenge at Spode studios to come up with an art work which follows the theme “transition” or “transitions”.

I would normally come up with a realistic painting but I’m also toying with something more abstract. These are initial digital drawings, working on the transition from grainy to smooth, straight to curvy, and changes of colour.

I might try and turn one of these into a large painting. In a way it’s also making me think about changing my work practice from quite a straightforward way of working into something more involved.

Watch thus space for possible updates….

I might even enter something into the exhibition….

Yellow bowl


This is a quick, half hour painting, of a yellow bowl I have. This is a little acrylic on canvas, from my memory. I’ve had this bowl for years. I just wanted to paint something simple after all the work I did on the previous painting. I may work on the shadows. I want to try and he the elipse of the bowl top right, but its after midnight now and I haven’t been very well so I think I will give myself a rest.

I’m glad I tried painting in these lovely primary colours. They pretty much are an accurate representation of the bowl.

Doodling digitally

Oh I do love swirling things about, colour, playing with shapes, to me this is fun. Like creating a painting, but digitally.

Subtle changes of colour and shading add depth, adding the alterations together give an idea of metamorphosis. All these can be created from a few apps.

I don’t know what digital art is out there, except for pictures created by David Hockney of digital portraits and the woods close to his home when he was living in Yorkshire a few years ago. I went to see them exhibited at Salts Mill in Saltaire, Yorkshire.

I think that digital art will progress and change. I look forward to seeing it.



Clematis, blousy and purple,

or tiny and pink.

Growing up walls,

Along fences, up high.


Clematis, bell flowers,

Fuzzy seedheads,

Growing round trees

Up to the sky.


Clematis, spring and summer flowering

Now monumental,

Grown with great love.

Makes me sigh.


Clematis, old friend,

Newly open flowers,

Grow bud and petal,

You give me joy



I like creating kaleidoscopic patterns and this one reminded me of a Mandala I saw years ago.

I used to go to yoga sessions and loved relaxing and meditating. All I need now is some beautiful relaxing music.

By looking at something like this or drawing one you can take your mind away from the stresses of the outside world and start to relax. I understand why people like adult colouring books,  and there is something I have heard of called zentangle, although I’m not exactly sure how that works.

I used to enjoy trying to draw celtic knots but haven’t done any for years. Perhaps that is the next thing to investigate. I wonder what it is that attracts people to pattern making. I know I love to do it.