E-mail HELP

My email server has decided to kick me out so I can only contact people on messenger. I can’t work out what to do. I’m using two devices so I know by trying both that its definitley the server and not the device.

Who do I contact to sort it? My phone company , a computer shop or a phone shop? It’s asking me to verify my password, but it doesnt like what I put in, even though I am right! Argh…I hate when this sort of thing happens. It doesn’t happen often but when it does it can take hours or days to sort out! And is it just me! Is anyone else having problems?

So what should I do? Any ideas,

Please give me some ideas! (NOT RUDE) ThanksĀ PicsArt_1541470184883


well I scanned my phone and now the emails have gone on that but not my tablet?!

Hunched over my phone šŸ“±


Oh the bells and whistles

Oh the joy of text.

Tied to my computer

Can’t give it a rest .


Colours lights and art groups

Follow this and that

Games and news and videos

Just another app.


Fake and real and horrible,

Words all torn and turned

Life is just an algorithm

Reality unheard.


Sent from my mobile

Into your old brain

Never been so engaged

With nothing, no real gain.


So put that ruddy phone down

Turn off your all your apps

A call back to reality

Before your life is …



Take a drawing, a few dots on a page and turn it and multiply it, change the colour balance, then use another tool to swirl it, crop a shape from it, then place each next to each other to get a final picture.

These are iterations, each one a slight change,Ā  adding to the complexity of the images. Sometimes multiplying can loose detail as the patterns start to merge because the pattern shrinks each time, which is why I like to change the colours and the hues of the drawings.

I don’t have a favourite

I just like the way things evolve.

I copy you,

And change you,

Multiply and stretch you,

Your face changes slowly,

Gives each picture a twist,

A new flavour,

Changing fruit to jam,

Seed to flower,

Growing each time,

Like bacteria, multiplying,


Evolving. ….


Identified Flying Objects


I love clouds and skies, and when you multiply them and twist them you can create really interesting images.

Since I know what the objects are the title is pretty obvious. A church spire, or a terraced house roof floating in the sky can look very spooky though. Odd edges to the original photos create little details floating above or to the side of the main object. The best photos to use are mainly sky with the foliage or building in one corner.

The cloud scapes also help give atmosphere (pun intended) to the pictures.

I did consider making these black and white but I think the colours help.


Studio time?


I have not been in for a while to my studio. I haven’t settled in. I was OK for a while, but I cocoon myself at home. I wish I could relax and fit in better there.

I find myself going out to other places drawing or painting. But I’m not knuckling down to work. I hope I can break the spell and get on with things. I seem to be half enthusiastic and half despondent. It’s maddening.

I have other reasons that I’m struggling with, but I’m not going into details. Just added frustrations that make things difficult.

Does anyone else feel like this!? Or is it just me….. I have ideas but don’t act on them. People must get really fed up with me being so lacadazical.

Then of course there is the attraction of places like this…am I noise in an empty container? Well I will put this down and try and break free…for a while…


Keyboard fixed!

The bug is fixed thankfully.

It’s useful having a computer shop just down the road…

Apparently it was an “unusual glitch” whatever that means. My normal keyboard shrank last week to a smaller version. I just thought it was an upgrade but apparently it was the computer downloading another version because the first one had stopped working, it was only when my computer kept flashing up “unfortunately, Samsung keyboard is not working” that I realised that something was wrong.


So every couple of seconds the message flashed up, technology is like that, it tells you there is a problem but not how to resolve it. How do you sort it out when you cannot type in a question to Google, for instance, to ask what to do?

So, switch it on and off, switch it on and off and flick the SD card out and back in, then try to remove duplicated photos, clear cache’s, uninstall apps you don’t use. Clear the cache’s again. Run the anti virus, remove old unwanted emails and messages……

Nothing worked, though I had freed up memory on my external memory SD card…..So it had to go to the shop, they could not type anything in to even get on the internet to download a new keyboard. So they kept it in to fix. You don’t realise how attached you are until you have to leave your computer behind. Talk about separation anxiety! But it has come home fixed.

Thank you one stop computers in stoke. Very helpful and they only charged me half of what they estimated.

Cheers and thanks x