Odd things

They are only some shells and a glove, but they don’t half look odd if you manipulate the photos. More organic? Strange, like octopuses or sculpture?

Never avoid the odd, I you can find all sorts of things in it, on it, through it.

Just fling an image at the screen, catch and twist it. Photo hop it or use another generic app! Don’t be scared be adventurous. You can have a good time playing with photos.

Green and brown woman

Progress takes time and thought,

Progress means learning,

Finding your way,

Looking back as well as forward,

Learn from your mistakes,

Find your technique,,

Give time a chance and

Catch up with yourself.

Mind is strange,

Mind knows and sees.

Mind gets ahead, sees a solution

Before you know

How to

Do it

Paint it.

Grow and progress

I was just going to write a short note about how this is progressing but it turned into a little poem. Better get back to work.



I’m just starting to block in some brickwork on a painting. I will be painting in the mortar between the bricks to make it more realistic but I decided to play with the image using the layout app that comes with instagram. I quite like the result.

I posted it to Instagram and a friend really liked it.

My question is how would you turn it into a throw.  I don’t think printing it onto a surface would work. I think it would need to be woven.

Any ideas?  Ideally I want to meet someone who could  change my designs into fabric. I was once contacted by an American company,  but I checked their website and there was quite a bit of dissatisfaction with them delivering goods and also paying their artists…boo hiss! So I didn’t go with them.

Scarf design


Playing with pattern again, I created this digital drawing of what could be a paisley patterned scarf.

I like the idea of an intensely coloured swirl at the center and a red border. But the outer edges would be black so it would appear to be floating in space, in fact if I added a few tiny dots it would look even more like that.

The simple power of computers is amazing. People have such creativity at their fingertips.



I’ve had a really busy day so I haven’t had time to do much on line. Just been rehearsing again.

Anyway just for fun I bought a kaleidoscope last week. Instead of using a digital app this is a real tube with bits of plastic in the end. You turn the end of the tube and the bits move about and the pattern changes.

So I stuck the lens of the camera against the eyepiece and took photos… These are the results. Fun to see patterns that I last saw when I was 6 or 7.

Reminisence is something you do more as you get older.

A few more paintings

Over the years I’ve done many paintings and drawings, in oil, acrylic, watercolour, pencil, felt pen, charcoal. And I don’t stick to one style, these are a mixture of figurative and abstract, from 1981 up to about 2008. I don’t think I have ever got bored with art.

Some of the art is very patterned, for instance the spiral cat painting, or illustrative, like the tree drawing and the cross hatched picture of the potteries. I find myself using similar techniques when I do digital drawings.

I draw from my imagination, from life and from photographs.

I have occasionally copied paintings, but I always state the work is after the original artist, in other words I make reference to them originating the work. I have only done this on 2 or 3 occassions when someone has asked for a similar picture to one they have seen. Art is a creative business, and the authorship of it should be respected. One concern I have is over copyright. By publishing my art here I realise I am putting it at risk to some extent, but there is the dilemma of wanting to share creativity with others. I doubt anyone would want to copy mine .