Cat sketches


I’m playing with digital sketches to decide whether to paint or draw a card design. After the first set done in a sketching app, I did the last one as an artrage oil sketch – over drawing a picture of a firework exploding that I did last week. I’m happier with that than the others.

I’m only doing these because I’ve got a cold. I was due to go out and go to an art group but I woke up feeling snotty this morning. But you can’t keep me away from drawing or painting for long. I’ve got a large peice of foam board in the car to paint on for something else this week….. But that’s another story.



I think this looks more refined and handsome.

Scarf design


Playing with pattern again, I created this digital drawing of what could be a paisley patterned scarf.

I like the idea of an intensely coloured swirl at the center and a red border. But the outer edges would be black so it would appear to be floating in space, in fact if I added a few tiny dots it would look even more like that.

The simple power of computers is amazing. People have such creativity at their fingertips.



Instead of just finger drawing in an app I’m trying to get a more realistic portrait using a Sketch app and a stylus . I am finding that using the stylus stops the slipping that makes more irregular lines that happens when I try to draw with my finger alone.

The drawing is being made up from the airbrush tool and I’m changing the thickness and opacity depending on the thickness of the lines I want to draw.

It’s again a work in progress so we will see how it turns out.


ArtRage free app

Both these drawings were done as digital finger paintings in ArtRage oils, a free app in the Galaxy play store.

I’ve had the app for ages, so like a lot of things you become blase and don’t remember to use it, but it’s there in the background. Anyway I liked playing with these drawings, there is a metallic option and with the first I gradually dialled down the metallic pen as I worked my way out . This also has the effect of making the colours paler. I only used the thick oil brush on its widest setting.

The second picture, poppy, was drawn over the top of the first. Instead of just using one brush I used the driest brush option and used dots as well as streaking the red colours across the picture.

I’m sure there is much more I can do. I love vibrant colours and this app gets me excited. I love having a 3d effect when I’m drawing digitally.



Oh I love pattern and colour,

I love birds, flowers and trees,

Green men, phoenix, mythical beasts.

Who wants bland and boring?

Who wants pale and wan?

Why not get those colours

Under your skin.

Life is so exciting.

Life can be such fun.

If only we embrace it

Under the sun.

Never give me plain things

Always give me jazz

Living in a coloured land

Magic has begun.