Silver and frost



I found these a few days ago. I think I did them in an app called sketcher free. Then edited in picsart and Instagram. There are so many ways of manipulating images today that would never have been possible even a few years ago without something like photoshop. But also having these images could stretch my painting skills.  Trying to replicate this in paint would be a real challenge.

I’m not sure how I would do it but I think I would need to use a thick impasto of paint, even using something to press into the paint to create texture. You can get modelling media that thickens paint so you can almost sculpt it. Plus use metallic paint and use different shaped brushes.. Fun!

Patterns are my friend

People who read my blog know I love colour and pattern. Digital apps allow you to manipulate images and colours, or create your own patterns.

I have a love of spirals and curves, and repeating patterns. If I’m left alone I will sit and play, changing colours, creating new iterations, rearranging shapes, until I’m satisfied with the result. As I go along I save the doodles. Then I can go back to a previous drawing and go off on another tangent. If I like something I have created in a drawing app I might start something new in the same app, or try and recreate it in another app.

I find using different applications with different properties helps. So  might want to do something that seems to have been painted in oils or drawn in charcoal. But, importantly, I don’t want to spend lots of money, so they are all free apps from galaxy play store. Certain things won’t work on this tablet, even when I maximise my storage space.

One thing I want to do is get some of them printed. I’m trying to get a cable so I can transfer images to a usb stick.., that’s a plan for the near future.



I did another doodle today, just because I can I guess. I wanted to do something bright and colourful. Something cheerful during this hot spell of weather.

Primary colours with a touch of green and orange to brighten up my day. A tiny bit of black for contrast….curves like a fountain give a flourish to the doodle.

I’ve explained I the past what apps I use, I don’t want to bore you again!

Sometimes I can see animals in these patterns, today I think I see cats or dogs…I used to see patterns in old wallpaper and curtain patterns. There is apparently a name for it but I cannot remember what it is.

All the best and have a good weekend!

Green men….


Green men tangled in a big green square,

I just wrote a really bad poem about Green men but I decided to delete it and not inflict it on you!

These were drawn in ArtRage oils, a free app from samsung galaxy. They were duplicated in an app called layout. The colours were enhanced using Instagram filters.

I like the way the digital brushes give it a more 3d impression. You can use ArtRage with 4 brush styles and metallic or non metallic paint. There is also a slider to change the size of the brush head.

Layout allows you to choose up to 9 pictures that can be moved or flipped to make new patterns. As you work your way through editing the pictures you end on a page that takes your drawing into Instagram, here you can edit the picture further. Eventually you end up with whatever image you want modified to suit your requirements.



What can I say, I love patterns….drawing in one app then modifying it in another couple of apps. Then multiplying the images…….something in my brain makes me keep going, changing, creating new iterations. Playing with the colours, the tones, the sharpness of the images.

You don’t know when you start how they are going to turn out, but I want them to be satisfying. I do like to add spirals, curves and shading.


Red glasses


A couple of years ago I did a doodle on the computer of me wearing my old red glasses. The idea was to draw it as if I was using a scraper board …. you know scratching through a black surface to reveal a metallic coloured base layer.

The red really stands out on this drawing (which has been duplicated in layout).

I think artists need to experiment, even if its just  little ideas that get the cogs going in your brain!

Red glasses hide your eyes behind

Thick glass, makes you think?

Makes your thought opaque, hidden,

Eyes glint under the red frame,

Pale thoughts unbidden.

Will they see the real you,

will they feel your thoughts?

Reveal yourself by showing your eyes..

The pain, the fear, the dark.

Cat sketch


Pounce, purr, play, prowl,

Hide, hunt, hop, howl,

Bright, black, brown, bowl,

Occult, ocular original owl.

Nose, naughty,  named Noel,

Sweet, silly, soft soul.

Chilled, cheeky, cat, cruel,

Leap, lithe,  light, lol,

Food, fine, feathered, fowl.

Sharp, sleek, strong, seal,

jump, jink, joy, jowl.

Can’t think of any more rhymes for prowl…. I used owl because I was thinking of their exceptional eyesight