Storms and hooks of cloud.

Hurricanes and tornados, monsoon and typhoon?

The weather worsens and land is submerged.

Subsumed under water, pouring over ground.

The heat is rising, bubbling up.

Jet stream and Gulf stream, stream and steam.

Poor polar bear, starving now the sea is no longer ice.

Ship’s can sale through warm waters,

But is this good? No it cannot be,

The ocean and the sea,

Will rise above our heads if we don’t change.

Carbon dioxide expands, exhaled from life and oil.

Let us hope we can ride out the waves,

Let us survive and make amends.

Love the world, the Earth,

Do not love greed and money.




We have an art challenge at Spode studios to come up with an art work which follows the theme “transition” or “transitions”.

I would normally come up with a realistic painting but I’m also toying with something more abstract. These are initial digital drawings, working on the transition from grainy to smooth, straight to curvy, and changes of colour.

I might try and turn one of these into a large painting. In a way it’s also making me think about changing my work practice from quite a straightforward way of working into something more involved.

Watch thus space for possible updates….

I might even enter something into the exhibition….

Random photos

I have almost 6000 pictures on my tablet, so as an experiment I scrolled through them, and before the images appeared I clicked on random grey boxes.

I wonder why two life draw in came up? I guess because I got fed up scrolling down the gallery and must have stopped about the same dustance in so have chosen drawings done within a similar time frame.

These photos fairly show the type of images I collect. The snail man and the woman reacting to him is possibly going to be turned into a painting.

The digital drawings are things I regularly draw, the paintings are my original and a copy I was asked to do, and the kitten was one that went to a new home last year.

If I did this experiment again it would be interesting to see if the same random photos came up again…

2007 digital drawings…

I’ve been doing digital drawings for over 10 years now, here are some from then. I can’t remember what platform I was using, but I think it may have been Sketchfu which is now defunct.

I was a moderator there for several years and it could be quite hard work sometimes. Trying to prevent people upsetting each other, banning trolls, and deleting rude or racist comments. I had to be very diplomatic. I was also moderating another site at the time, so it took up a lot of spare time.

Even so I drew thousands of drawings on both sites. I just can’t help drawing, and I’m very interested in all sorts of art styles.

I would like to find another site to draw at, drawing in apps is OK but you can’t spark off what other people are doing. The camaraderie of drawing with other artists, doing drawing challenges, and drawing to a theme is what I was really interested in.

I downloaded a lot if the drawings and if I can access some of them I will post more here.


Take a drawing, a few dots on a page and turn it and multiply it, change the colour balance, then use another tool to swirl it, crop a shape from it, then place each next to each other to get a final picture.

These are iterations, each one a slight change,  adding to the complexity of the images. Sometimes multiplying can loose detail as the patterns start to merge because the pattern shrinks each time, which is why I like to change the colours and the hues of the drawings.

I don’t have a favourite

I just like the way things evolve.

I copy you,

And change you,

Multiply and stretch you,

Your face changes slowly,

Gives each picture a twist,

A new flavour,

Changing fruit to jam,

Seed to flower,

Growing each time,

Like bacteria, multiplying,


Evolving. ….




I think I’m reasonably good at capturing people’s images when I paint and draw both traditionally and digitally. I also enjoy painting animals, and again I need to be accurate in representing them.

There are lots of books and videos to aid drawing and painting techniques. But the biggest thing that helps me is practice. Like anything else the more you do the better you get.

That said, having the book you are drawing in or canvas you at painting on placed at an upright position, either vertical or slightly sloping, helps with the resulting picture. If you draw on a horizontal surface thee picture can end up elongated or distorted. Similarly if you have a canvas in front of you too low down you can end up with a picture where the head may be to big, and thevlegd too small. It’s all a matter of positioning so you see the image equally.

I don’t tend to draw out first, I’m really terrible for starting with the eyes then working my way out! I guess I think the eyes hold the character. If you look at a face eyes are not always level. Because a face is symmetrical does not mean it completely matches on either side. Edgar Allen Poe was photographed, and when you take the two halves and multiply them into two new faces it could be two different men you are looking at…

Anyway it’s too early in the morning to be doing this…


P.S. the paintings here are distorted a bit because of the angles they were taken at. I have tried to straighten them up digitally but they are still a bit “off” I will try and get more photos if I can, but some belong to a relative who lives a fair distance away .

Astronomical paintings

I love the challenge of trying to paint and draw astronomical objects. I have painted the Earth a few times, but also the Moon, the nebula shown here, Jupiter, and done digital drawings of the Earth and Moon, and the Veil Nebula plus other objects. I have also drawn Jupiter and Saturn.

I’m not an expert. They were all done without measuring the positions of features or stars, so for a real astronomer they probably look totally inaccurate. Still the universe is a wonderful place and the objects in it are amazing.

So if you can recommend an object I could have a go at painting I would be interested. I can’t promise it will be perfect. But I would have a go.