Drawing this made the white of my screen appear orange when I had finished it.

Orange is Blues contrasting colour, but Blue can be warm or cold, but you don’t often hear of Cold Orange unless it is juice out of the fridge… anyway here us another Mad, Bad, poem….

I am BLUE, you too? Are you blue with cold?

Are your lips blue?  and are  you feeling old?

SKY is blue, cerulean too, depending on the view.

SEA itself can be quite blue with turquoise or greenish hue.

Notes fall up and then crawl down, JAZz can be real blue.  a complicated time for you…life can reallymake you BLUE

Blue BIRDS sing, make notes ring,

Blue of a cloudless sky,

we wish, all the summer through.

Found, old online drawings…




It’s been a while since I saw these. I drew them a few years ago on an old art site called sketchfu,.

Well guess what popped up on my FB page tonight? I had forgotten about these. But they are some of my favourites (I always loved Tony Curtis) …

The others are an attempt at drawing Michelangelos’ David, earrings and an Apple drawn in a challenge we used to do at sketchfu. And a drawing of a Manet painting…. the title is forgotten, no doubt someone will tell me.

Yes its great to see them again, hopefully I will be inspired to paint instead of drawing. But if not at least I know they are still around