Combining drawing apps


The first three drawings are based on a drawing done in a kaleidoscope app. Then I changed them in picsart using the stretch/spiral tool and then the colour curves tool which allows you to change the hues and tones.

The fourth drawing background was done in ArtRage oils which is a free Google play store app. It was then drawn over with sketcher free which allows you to draw with different brushes. I used the ribbon option to draw a masklike face. The fifth drawing was a quick sketch of a face, drawn in a sketching app. In this case I used picsarts colour curves to change the levels of colour, then a stretching app to change the shapes. Finally I used a tool to create an embossed feel and then the mask option to layer up lighting effects.

I’m using my phone a lot of the time and I tend to forget there are more options on my tablet. Then today I realised that there was a drop down menu on the masks option, so I found a whole new section of the app to play with.

What I guess I’m saying is don’t be afraid to play with drawing apps, you learn more when you do, and you can come up with some really interesting ideas.

I used digital art as a sketchbook. I may not use it in the analogue world of oainting, but it fascinates me.


Where are you?


I look out of the window, see the scudding clouds blowing along parallel with the coast. The house is too quiet, no sounds of you around the corner, or upstairs or outside in the garden .

You must have gone out before the sun rose, before the moon set, while I was asleep curled up in bed.

The door was locked tight after you. I searched for my keys and dressed quickly. Now I need to decide whether to look for you or wait?

The wind is blowing stronger now, the clouds are black and the rain falls in great engulfing rivers, like all the world’s grief descending from the sky.

Two hours of darkness followed the dawn, then gradually a glimmer of sunlight stole under and through the cloud layer. Now I can go and look, now  I can see over the sea out as far as the island. Now I might see him? Standing on the pier, holding onto the metal handrail slick with water. I watch, and wait.

(This could also be called “which tense are you writing in? Past or Present?”)



I have been thinking what I would like to hear more of this year and the answer has to be peace.

If more people turned round and decided not to fight, that fighting does not resolve things, that negotiation is the way to go, then perhaps the human race could get somewhere.

If money was not spent on armaments then it could be used to sort out global climate change. The resources used to build planes and missiles could be used to make solar panels or build desalination stations.

Instead we seem to just push on regardless and want to destroy not improve relationships between peoples.

I would like to quote John Lennon

“give peace a chance” … …

Looking two ways


Remember the future

Wait for the past

How do we know

Times arrows flow past ?

Broken to mended.,

Crumbled to fixed…

I know its happened

Days before this.

Weather makes patterns

Time takes your mind

Going to sleep

And wake up past this.

Go forward and backwards

Through times tangled forest,

Caught in the branches, twigs and boughs,

Only returning slowly to now.

Snow on snow

I love snow, and the music and poetry about it.

I love the poem turned into a carol which is “in the bleak mid winter”. Written by Christina Rossetti, the wife of the Pre-Raphaelite painter Dante Gabriel Rossetti.

Snow is beautiful, in its hexagonal form, with amazing patterns that scintilate in the sunlight. There is also powder snow which I think is drier and forms in colder temperatures. I think there are other types but I’m not sure what they are like.

I’m no expert, I don’t know enough about snow. I do know it forms layers on mountains and hills and there are places in the snow that can form weak points so a horizontal layer of snow can slip and cause a massive avalanche.

The colours of snow can also be surprising. Shadows in snow can be very blue.  Look at paintings of snow and you will see beautiful renditions of it. I would like to be able to paint something like that.

Well this is not as interesting as I would like…..but it’s late  I might write a bit more later…

Cat stares


You know that look cats have. That long slow stare, then a shift to look away at something else. Perhaps a twitch of an ear. Paws tucked up underneath. Then a sudden decision, movement, a lick of the paw. Settle again. Warm body resting on my knee. Curled up now, but if I move an eye opens and he stares again. Measuring minutes and hours, quietly, steadily…. I always miss his blink, to me his eyes are eternally open, then closed, but open…..