Cat sketches


I’m playing with digital sketches to decide whether to paint or draw a card design. After the first set done in a sketching app, I did the last one as an artrage oil sketch – over drawing a picture of a firework exploding that I did last week. I’m happier with that than the others.

I’m only doing these because I’ve got a cold. I was due to go out and go to an art group but I woke up feeling snotty this morning. But you can’t keep me away from drawing or painting for long. I’ve got a large peice of foam board in the car to paint on for something else this week….. But that’s another story.



I think this looks more refined and handsome.



Here I am again

Doodling little squares,

Trying to catch life in a box.

Here I sit with pen in hand,

Drawing the world

Squeezing reality into 2 dimensions.

Time pauses while I sketch,

Only to leap forward an hour

When… I. … look.. .. Up..

Here is life compressed,

Its size shrunk like a postage stamp

With the world drawn on it…..

Here is here at Etruria, here I sketch.

Kitty cats


Kitty little, kitty life,

Kitty food, kitty moods,

Cat paws, cat whiskers,

Cat nose, cat eyes.

Moggie purrs, Moggie snores,

Moggie paws, moggie ears,

Feline mind, feline fine,

Feline playing, feline leaps

Felix chase, Felix eat,

Felix fly, Felix fur…

Cats at home, cats in the garden,

cats up trees, cats chase toys.

Beautiful, soft, fluffy and fierce,

Cats are my friends for life….



Drawing this made the white of my screen appear orange when I had finished it.

Orange is Blues contrasting colour, but Blue can be warm or cold, but you don’t often hear of Cold Orange unless it is juice out of the fridge… anyway here us another Mad, Bad, poem….

I am BLUE, you too? Are you blue with cold?

Are your lips blue?  and are  you feeling old?

SKY is blue, cerulean too, depending on the view.

SEA itself can be quite blue with turquoise or greenish hue.

Notes fall up and then crawl down, JAZz can be real blue.  a complicated time for you…life can reallymake you BLUE

Blue BIRDS sing, make notes ring,

Blue of a cloudless sky,

we wish, all the summer through.

The Same, But Different

Someone looked at the twisted tree photos and said they were lost in the intricate tangle of branches.

So I decided to use a sketch of a tree I did to show how each picture changes depending how it is twisted. …IMG_20180418_124018_988IMG_20180418_124209_725IMG_20180418_124355_473IMG_20180418_124517_484

Twisting each of the 4 images to end up with 4 separate designs…….


So which would you prefer? A close curved centre, spread out branches, accidental perforation or parallel lines?

Each has its merit. Some of them remind me if my blood vessels at the back if my eye, visible when a strong light shines. Others with the indentations remind me if a postage stamp.

Add colour and we are in a whole new realm.

Art, design, abstraction…it makes your mind work and stretch…