I came across this last week. It was something I doodled when I was at work and I had it stuck on my computer for a few years…. that tiny little hand/paw trying to hold things together…the mouth stretched wide, with huge jaws…

It says smile,  but really it was a grimace, a smile through gritted teeth. I was feeling very low but didn’t want to tell anyone. It was about work, and people, but I used to just get on with things. I wouldn’t let them know they were getting to me. I would just look at this drawing and smile.

Sweet smile you tear at my mouth,

You pull the sides upwards into a rictus grin.

Corners pulled up like a weight lifter raising kilos above his head.

Crocodile smile?  No, more of a dinosaur grin…

Ancient, creaking, trying not to give in to atrophy.

Smile for the camera, twist your lips, show your teeth.

No don’t cry! Grin!


Sea Horse


Sea horse, racing through the surf, galloping over turf.

Sea horse, give it all you have, kick your hooves so hard.

Sea horse, flying through the air, foam round your feet.

Sea horse, don’t stop for breath, racing with the tide.

Sea horse, today is your day, race for your life.

Sea horse, see your life flash by, waves of time wash over you.

Just the ocean, sea and you, in your wake I follow.


Red is bold!


Red blood, red heart

Red lips, red nose,

Red wine, red hat,

Red berries, red shoes…


I saw you smile, your mouth so neat,

Red cherries dripped their liquor sweet.


Red is the colour of anger and heat,

Red hot poker, flower, meat.


Red is gaudy, little red hood,

Red for strawberries, red for bud.

Red for roses, red says stop,

Red for danger, red for what?


I dont know what else to write,  I can think of names for red, like carmine and crimson, vermilion and scarlet, close to red are mauve and magenta. I found it difficult to write something that makes much sense I’m afraid. But at least I tried. ..

Eye dont know!


Playing with apps,                                                                                  dreaming in naps,                                                                                   I see your eyes…                                                                                                                                  ,,                       what a surprise!

I see your lips                                                                                          like pomegranate pips……..

I see your nose                                                                                                                                      ,,                   the beauty it shows!

I see a face, hidden in lace                                                                   historical place,                                                                                                                                  ,,                   wonderful Grace.


Just playing with rhyme,                                                                       enjoying this time .



It’s time to show you some of my recent digital drawings posted to my instagram account…


While I usually draw and paint in traditional materials like paint on canvas, or ink and pencil on paper, I regularly draw on various apps aswell.

This started when I found a web site called Youdraw around 10 years ago. At that stage I did not have a drawing tablet so I went out and bought a small one with the pen attached by a wire. I was really pleased with what I could do, and I eventually progressed to a bigger tablet but still with a pen that was attached by a wire. I used it so much and did so many drawings I wore the knib of the pen down!

Then I was offered a second hand wacom tablet, it was a revelation. I had got a photoshop programme and I was learning about layering and cropping, basically all the little things that help you morph pictures. In the meantime I had found various drawing web sites, like 2draw and wetcanvas and floating ginko. I was using their apps, which were quite complicated, but the results were fun. I frequently got told off on one site for drawing too fast. I was not allowed to be an expert on it because I didnt take enough time!

It was then that I came across a site called sketchfu. (Now closed) this had the simplicity I was looking for, large, medium and small pens, an ability to change the opacity and a colour picker, but the way it worked meant that you could create really interesting drawings without all the finicky bits.

This site and its sister Muzy were closed by its owners a few years ago. I think they were getting too much traffic and not enough revenue.

I decided to do more drawing, I got a bamboo tablet, and for a short while posted on line on instagram and Facebook. But then I got another tablet, a computer…I downloaded a few apps like sketcher free, ArtRage oils, kaleidoscope, and others, all free. The only problem then is having to draw by finger. It’s not as smooth and clean as a tablet pen. I have used stylus pens, I think I will do that again.

Currently I have lots of art on instagram, and some if the digital art has the hashtag #digitallydoodling if you want to find it.


Last year I learned about Batik.

I’ve always wanted to learn this.


I have a friend called Belinda who runs various art classes. So last year I had a go at doing batik.

It’s a while, so I don’t recall the technique, but first you draw out a design and use hot melted wax on top of it to add areas which will resist the coloured inks that make up the bright colours of your design. This was to give us an idea of how to make an art work. I drew fish in a Piscean sort of pose.

Once we had done this we went on to draw our designs on a peice of cotton in wax ( you could use silk). After the wax had dried we then painted inks onto the design. I had done a yin yang kitties design …see photos.

But you then have to remove the wax. This is done by putting the material between  paper and ironing with a hot iron. As you heat the cotton up the wax melts again and is absorbed into the paper. you can add more wax and build up more layers of colour. I would say start with the lightest inks or dyes first as you would with watercolour painting.

Finally I added some stitched details on the cats faces to define their eyes and noses.

I was surprised with the result, very happy with it, and I think that was down to the teacher.  All the people at the group were pleased with their peices.

I would recommend anyone to have a go at this. I have since had the peice mounted and framed.

I like morphing drawings

You want to doodle, create, make mark’s? Then maybe a free app like ArtRage oils is for you.

Four pens, and a rainbow of colours which can be plain or metallic allows you to play and express yourself.

The colours do tend to smudge, like working with wet in wet paint, but you do get some interesting effects. Sometimes it can look like oil paint put on with a palette knife, or brushed thickly over a canvas.

I have tried quite a few apps, but this is one I keep coming back to. I guess because it is simple to use, and can be altered by building up layers.

You have to save the painting, then click share option, and export, which allows you to save the file to a sharable format. I’m not a computer expert but I have found if I don’t choose the share option I can’t find them on my tablet picture files!


You can see a series of drawings that I have done, gradually changing them. I ended up adding the horse’s head because of the two circles at the top left hand side of the next to last drawing.

Anyway enough blogging for tonight!