Instead of just finger drawing in an app I’m trying to get a more realistic portrait using a Sketch app and a stylus . I am finding that using the stylus stops the slipping that makes more irregular lines that happens when I try to draw with my finger alone.

The drawing is being made up from the airbrush tool and I’m changing the thickness and opacity depending on the thickness of the lines I want to draw.

It’s again a work in progress so we will see how it turns out.




I love the shapes cats make, even when they are having a wash…

Catlick, wash and brush up.

Preening and tidying,

Smoothing your fur..

Make yourself handsome,

Tidy your whiskers

Top to tail,,

Then your inner gymnast,

Turns you upside down,

Inside out,

Legs akimbo! (love those words).

Purrs escaping like a boiling kettle.

Shapes like a twister game.

You are my cat.

Beautiful and gleaming.


A couple of weeks after our small crop of apples the pears have almost all fallen off the tree following a strong breeze. There are two left up on the tree.

As with all windfalls they are a bit battered and bruised.  We had a few earlier and I think birds have been trying to eat them too, but pears stay hard for ages then suddenly ripen so they are not soft enough for the blackbirds and robins in the garden.

What to do with them? I’m going to chop off the bad bits then poach them in white wine when they are a bit riper . I dont think they will be beautiful pears standing up right in their bowls, but a bit more of a chopped up chunky pudding, with added custard. I might take photos!

Why is the tree at an angle?  I don’t know, we put it in and it  grew this way. This year we put an old shelf upright underneath it to support it as it was tipping further. As it grows large fruit, they seem to pull on the top half. Hopefully it won’t snap. It was bought as a sapling from an old Woolworth store. It must have been planted 20 years ago and since its matured it’s always borne fruit.

Hooray for the old pear tree. Faithfull fruiter!

He’s a good cat.

It’s getting cold and I need to put the heating on, but my cat has decided to curl up on top of my feet. I’m sitting infront of a chair that I’m using as an easle and he is tucked under the chair on top of my feet and next to a box containing my paints. In the meantime my feet are warm as toasty, but my legs are cold . . But I don’t want to move him.


A few more paintings

Over the years I’ve done many paintings and drawings, in oil, acrylic, watercolour, pencil, felt pen, charcoal. And I don’t stick to one style, these are a mixture of figurative and abstract, from 1981 up to about 2008. I don’t think I have ever got bored with art.

Some of the art is very patterned, for instance the spiral cat painting, or illustrative, like the tree drawing and the cross hatched picture of the potteries. I find myself using similar techniques when I do digital drawings.

I draw from my imagination, from life and from photographs.

I have occasionally copied paintings, but I always state the work is after the original artist, in other words I make reference to them originating the work. I have only done this on 2 or 3 occassions when someone has asked for a similar picture to one they have seen. Art is a creative business, and the authorship of it should be respected. One concern I have is over copyright. By publishing my art here I realise I am putting it at risk to some extent, but there is the dilemma of wanting to share creativity with others. I doubt anyone would want to copy mine .


Terracotta warriors


I enjoyed drawing today. We went round the terracotta warriors exhibition at the world museum at Liverpool.

The exhibition was crowded and I felt guilty at standing the way of the crowd as I drew. I got barged a couple of times and someone jarred my arm just as I was drawing one of their faces. But I also got a few complements. It was hard work. I took lots of photos. But drawing really makes you look. And quick sketching makes it all the more of a challenge. I finished my sketchbook but I think it was worth it. I’m hoping my drawing skills are improving. Sometimes I’m still a bit hesitant but that’s to be expected.