Remembering Devon


It’s been a few years since we visited Devon and I want to go again soon. When the Sun shines its glorious, the air feels clean and the Sun gleaming off the sea makes you feel alive.

These flowers were in the tangled hedge along the pathway to the shore. I only used my old digital camera to take the shot and I was pleased at how clearly it came out. The stamen were curved into loops, the pink petals had deep cuts in them making it look like they were two petals, not one. The sunlight just catching areas of the photo lifted the dark areas and gave it interest. I was also pleased with the slight blurring in the background.

The whole photo brings back memories of the sandy path and steps down to a small bay, the blue sky and sea. Sitting on a rock as the sea came in to the low cliffs surrounding the bay. And the view out over Plymouth sound. We must go back.


Twisted photos

I’m at it again, can’t resist. Loving autumn colours, and autumn mist.

Spent the day shooting, not animals but flowers, its easy to play around in floral bowers.

The lakes a stunner, full of ducks and drakes, and the gardens cafe makes lovely cakes.

Swans are skulling slowly across the water, seeing them is awesome, they don’t falter.

So now it’s autumn, colds and chills await, winter is a coming, and the flowers fate.

Coming to the garden, death will take a ride, and the pretty flowers will have nowhere to hide.

So come and see the garden, come see the show. Before the autumn’s over, and it’s too cold to grow.

Yes then all will be compost, thrown away my dear, and we will have to wait again, at least till next year!

Afternoon sunshine

We came out of the cafe and the clouds had lifted in penkhull. The sun was shining and the breeze had dropped.

I saw a small plant with almost ivy shaped leaves and little white flowers with yellow centres. It reminded me of the woody nightshade we have growing in our garden.

I would have loved to take some seeds home but didn’t see any on the plant

I’m trying to grow as many interesting local plants in the garden to attract the bees. These were good because they are flowering right at the end of the summer.

I quite like asters and other autumn plants such as dahlias.

We did get some fluffy red valerian seeds. They make a bright display of colour in August onwards. They seem to grow out of cracks in the pavement. Much nicer looking than some other weeds or garden escapees.

Recent minatures


If you wonder where I have been, I have been painting these tiny miniature paintings on canvases around the size of a matchbox.

I’m quite enjoying doing them. I would like to present them in small gift boxes but I don’t know where I can get some from.

People don’t seem to have room for art, so the idea is they might buy one of these to put somewhere special… you never know…

I haven’t done much this month but at least I have got going again over the last few days. I’m putting an Exhibition up later today which will be up on Saturday and Sunday at Etruria.

Details are that the Etruria Industrial museum is holding a static steam engine day on Saturday and a classic car day on Sunday.

Might see you there…..


summer flavours


Summer and its flavours,

Crisp and crunchy flowers,

Take us through the hours,

of summer bright and light.

Hot and tasty bowers,

Nasturtium flowers are sour,

But sweet plums ripen here

In the shining Sun.

Before the ripe tomatoes,

Before the mellow mists,

Before the damp of Autumn,

Summer gives its gifts.

Sunshine and wild showers

Heat for many hours

Summer cooks its fruit,

Raspberries and pears.

Oranges and almonds

Appear on our tables

Strawberries of fable

Melt with mint and cream.

Plums and pomegranates

Begonias and daisies,

Lobelia and lemons,

Summer coloured sweet.

Now come the dark days,

Shorter every hour

Equinox is coming

Day will turnĀ  to night.

Never lose the summer

Keep it in your mind.

Smell and taste its wonders

Soon to burst again.

I love the summer,

I love the light,

I hate the winter,

Brings on dark and night.



Clematis, blousy and purple,

or tiny and pink.

Growing up walls,

Along fences, up high.


Clematis, bell flowers,

Fuzzy seedheads,

Growing round trees

Up to the sky.


Clematis, spring and summer flowering

Now monumental,

Grown with great love.

Makes me sigh.


Clematis, old friend,

Newly open flowers,

Grow bud and petal,

You give me joy

My back yard

It’s been a mixed year for my back yard flowers. The handling baskets wilted in the heat but then I thoroughly watered them and fed them and they came back quite well. The Begonias, Fushias and Petunias have flourished but the Lobelia and small flowered plants have struggled. You can see a towel rail in the midst of it all, that’s because the tomatoes have flopped, and its supporting them and a cucumber plant.

Next year I want to tidy up the space first. Next doors wild blackberries are sneaking through the fence, but we just pick the fruit and have them on our cereal in the morning.

I love mixing colours and the whole yard sparkles with blues, reds and oranges, I hope the bees like it as much as I do.