Oh Chameleon,

How do I draw you?

You are Camouflaged in camouflage !

You hide in plain site

Like an octopus hides itself

Or a wobbigong shark,

Or a squid…..

Oh Chameleon

Your tongue is so long,

Like a limpet catching prey,

As long as a woodpeckers tongue

wrapped round its brain?

Or an anteaters snout?

I don’t know,

Because I can’t see you,

Hide in plain sight

Out of sight.

That’s your trick


Sticks and string


We went to Archery today and I had a go with a longbow for the first time.

I didn’t take any photos  (I wasn’t that good ) but it felt completely different to the bows we have been using .

Let me explain. We have been using recurve bows. They have a central riser with a cut out in one side so that the arrow flies straight. Then you have two limbs that attach top and bottom which curve back away from the riser. You have to use a stringer to pull the limbs back so you can attach the string. The bows are made of metal and carbon fiber, the arrows are metal or carbon fibre.

I have been using junior bows with either 14 or 16 pounds of pressure on them, that means it only takes a light pressure to pull the sting back sufficiently to shoot the arrows. I’ve hit a few golds but its hard to work out your aim and I have been using sites to try and aim.

So today one if the other archery members had brought along his longbow “a couple I sticks and a string” and that’s basically what it is. No sights, a rubber band round the shaft of the bow if you want to help you aim. The bow is one long peice of wood, usually English Yew which is naturally laminated and springy. No “window” or bend in the wood, so your arrows have to go round the bow,  you have to aim off to get them on target. You also have to make sure that the arrow is the right way round, with the cock feather towards you so the other two don’t catch on the bow. The arrows are wooden with metal tips, and feathers cut down to shape for flights. You have to wear a glove so the arrow which rests on the top of your hand does not leave splinters in you as the arrow is shot. The other change was that the bow was 35 pounds of pressure, more than twice what I have been pulling! It was hard work, my shots were all around the target and I didn’t hit a gold no matter how I tried. I couldn’t hit the middle of the boss  (target). But I really took to it and want to have another try.



Someone (a friend) saw my rather serious selfies and asked me to take some photos of me laughing. I’ve never done that before and so I was a bit surprised but I said yes….

These are the results including me with a straight face.

I’m imagining having to do a passport photo and choosing to do it with me laughing, how much fun would that be? And instead of “filter faces” where everyone has to have perfect skin and features and hair why not have do this instead? fun…. life is too serious sometimes.

I’ve got one photo of me somewhere that had me wearing a stick on moustache, and others in hats, also in face paints. Life is too short, life is often hard and boring, sometimes we need to break away from its difficulties….

When I was a child I won a funny  face competition at school. I used to pull faces all the time, when we grow up we forget all those things!

So go ahead, even if you don’t post it, pull a face now, or roar with laughter, or just giggle. ….relax and be free of social pressures for a second! Laughter is good medicine .

I might just do a painting of these. There are some sculptures I saw on tv of a man pulling faces……not sure who did them or why, but he showed his humanity.




S                                                                                                                                   p                                                                                                                           i                                                                                                                        r                                                                                                                 a                                                                                        g                       l                                                                                           n                 l                                                                                                       i

o                                                                                                                                        u                                                                                                                                  t                                                                                                                              o                                                                                                                       f                                                                                                                     c                                                                  .         .                                       o                                                       .                      .                               n                                                       .                                                     t                                                               l                                  r                                                                                              o

I love spirals,

Twirling round and far,

Spiral buns and spiral suns

And spiral galaxies.

I love


Twisting round

My tongue… making

Tornadoes                                     .               .

And hurricanes       .                              .

Fly around          .

The land.

Cat in a box on its side…


My cat tipped his box up today and seemed to enjoy sitting in it like that. Each end of the box has a hole in it and he could see his sister through the hole. He pounced on her a few times, with that bottom waggle that cats do.

I know it makes a mess of the house, but the cats love boxes and how could you say no to this?

Cat jumps into box …

Cat jumps onto chair …

Cat jumps up to windowsill….

Box tips up

Chair is now occupied by cat.

Plant falls off window ledge.

Cause and effect?

Cat thinks it’s just normal.

Human tidies up box,

Human picks cat off chair, cat sits on humans lap.

Human replaces plant, cat knocks it off again, and again, and again.

Humans never learn!

Meme today gone tomorrow ?


I took this photo of Lily cat and altered it in instagram and pics art…because she looked so cute!

It’s alternative wording is, watch out there’s a Lily about!

I’ve never created my own Meme before if that’s what it’s called. I’m saying its my copyright as I created it. Is that correct?

Anyway if you have to explain it, it spoils the fun!



Cats are said to be Familiars, aloof but linked to their owners, and disdainful of fuss from anyone else. My experience is that I can make friends with most of them, if I can work out what sort of sound they like.

Years of being owned by cats teaches you that they respond to different noises or looks from the person trying to befriend them.

Noises: churring, purring, chuch-chuch sounds seem popular with cats, I’ve practiced making purring noises since we first had a cat. Then miaow, or prrup sounds, with kittens or shy cats I try and sound like a little cat crying, it’s sometimes difficult to get high pitched enough. But hit the right note (quietly) and a shy kitten may become more friendly.

Looks: If the cat stares at you don’t stare back. slow eye blinks are the thing, close your eyes and keep them shut for a second. Cats do the same thing and it makes them feel less threatend.

Gestures: If you want to stroke a cat just offer it the back of your hand or a finger to sniff, dont try and stroke it unless it starts to rub its head against your hand. Don’t lunge at it or try and pick it up. Cats are small animals and can feel intimidated.

Also try not to make loud noises which will startle the cat.

If you see your cats tail wagging/waving it might be getting annoyed or excited and wanting to play, just be careful, a paw may take a swipe at you and cats have sharp claws! Also be wary of the tooth and claw situation…..ow!

Cats like fusses, being stroked, if they are enjoying it they may start kneading you with their front paws, but beware a cat having its stomach stroked or tickled might kick out with its back legs while grabbing you with its front paws and biting ….

I’ve learnt from experience that you have to move your hand away carefully, pull I away and you can end up badly scratched.

Do: treat a cat with respect, try and make friends, enjoy the love a cat can share with you.

Don’t: shout at it, pull its tail, insist on picking it up if it doesn’t want you to.