Crossed cats paws 🐾


You sat a while, washing, paws crossed in contentment. A tiny leaf near to you, ready for the swift pounce when you see it again. Then dance around the room, catching, lifting it up in the air, only to see it fall again. Your eyes gleam as you lick a back leg, plotting a swift twitch of your paw. A substitute mouse or bird, but far less cruel. Cat you have got cattitude!


Argh that’s my leg! My cat is “poddling” that’s kneading it with his big, heavy, sharp clawed paws….I’m suffering from tiny puncture wounds in my thigh…stroke his back and he starts up again. Left, right, left, right…..look of concentration on his face, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, slowing down .. he’s started up again. Ow, should have worn thicker trousers….finally settled down, ready to sleep….thank goodness…

I once saw a poster “poddle free cheshire” that’s where I found this wonderful word.


E-mail HELP

My email server has decided to kick me out so I can only contact people on messenger. I can’t work out what to do. I’m using two devices so I know by trying both that its definitley the server and not the device.

Who do I contact to sort it? My phone company , a computer shop or a phone shop? It’s asking me to verify my password, but it doesnt like what I put in, even though I am right! Argh…I hate when this sort of thing happens. It doesn’t happen often but when it does it can take hours or days to sort out! And is it just me! Is anyone else having problems?

So what should I do? Any ideas,

Please give me some ideas! (NOT RUDE) Thanks PicsArt_1541470184883


well I scanned my phone and now the emails have gone on that but not my tablet?!


It’s Halloween and the sense of foreboding hangs heavily in the air. Birds fly around the house, their fluttering wings catching at the windows as they fly up in panic from something slowly shuffling about the building.

Leaves are falling in a mimicry of snow. A crumpled carpet of browns and gold, dulled by the cold dark air. Sound is muffled, but even through it there is a lurking, grinding shudder.

As the darkness falls a tremor shakes the ground. The stems of ivy entwined around the walls of the house seem to stretch and shiver, the leaves expanding and contracting, pulsing, throttling. Dragging down on the building, pulling through cement, brick and concrete. Crumpling the floorboards and ceilings. Slowly the house changes shape, slumping down into itself like a car in a crusher.

Finally a spray of water rises above the debris as the water main bursts.

The birds fly and flutter down, settling on the rubble. Quiet descends.

Dancing trees


I thought they were holding hands but my friend said dancing. Imagine the branch in the middle is two arms entwined, clasped hand to elbow  Then the branches on the other side of the trunks are like outstretched arms, and the other branches higher up are like hair flying outwards as they spin each other in a dizzy whirl of autumn leaves..

An idea for a painting. I also like the way the hedge cuts between them and splits the composition.


Play time


Last year we went to see a play set in the Spode Factory site, it was called Dirty Laundry and was written by one of the actresses from Coronation street. Apologies as I have forgotten her name cat the moment. The story was about the complexities of life in the potteries in the mid twentieth century. It was thought-provoking.

The car in the photo was used to give the play a genuine feel.

Now a new play called Hot Lane, by the same author, is coming to Spode again in November. I’m looking forward to it. It is wonderful to see creativity continuing to return to the Potteries.