You’re never far from a cat


I don’t know who else is a cat lover but I have two beautiful cats. In this house you are never far from either them because they don’t go out. They are happy and they have lots of toys. One of their favourite things is to chase each other from room to room, almost like they are playing a children’s game of tag.

I was thinking back to when they first arrived. They are adult cats and they were very scared. I did not know how they would react. They hid. Very well. It took us a couple of hours to find them. One was under a cupboard and the other one hid behind a large plant pot. Eventually they emerged and from then on they have been happy. They both come and sit on us and love being stroked and groomed. I’m glad we got them.



Drawing in two apps, artrage oils and a sketching app. I just wanted to draw a happy face. At the moment my husband is playing with a toy helicopter and it’s not going well. He’s had it caught on the curtains and just gone in the waste paper bin. Meanwhile I’m trying to draw, and then write this. Hmmm… How happy am I … I guess OK, not unhappy, slightly annoyed. But relaxed until the copter comes rushing past my faceĀ  The batteries will be flat soon you only get 5 to 10 minutes flying time then it has to be charged for 30 minutes. In the meantime I will carry on Doodling. …