Two cats together…


This was what I saw when I got up this morning. Two cats together, going about their business, looking out for birds or squirrels. Not a care in the world. I wish I had their life!

The thing is I have to leave them a space to sit in because they just knock things off the cupboard if I don’t. I have had broken glasses and side plates to prove it.

They don’t go out so I guess it’s fair enough, but both of them don’t like going out. They will look out the front door but if a car is driving along the street they dart back in. I’ve never known such scaredy cats!

Anyway, they continue to thrive, despite not being allowed out. Maybe one day if I can get them in a harness? But I doubt that would work………..!


Money makes the world go around?


Thats what they say..

You can hear it today,

Money makes the world go around,

That’s what they found,

When people have money,

Life is more sunny.

When people are poor,

Dont darken my door..?

How can it be right,

Billionaires have might,

When there is no dosh (money)

No one gets nosh (food).

80 people have more money,

Than half the world’s population, funny…

While the world sits in debt,

Rich men still cast their net,

For gold and jewels and folding stuff…

When will they say they have enough….

So Money only makes things fun

If you have it, by the ton!



1/12th or so of the population were born in the summer months of June and July. Part of those two months are demarcated as the astrological sign “Gemini”.

When I was a child I used to read my horoscope, occasionally it would be correct, most of the time not, despite it being so generalised that it could probably be relevant to half the popualtion of the country.

I don’t really understand why we still believe in such mythologies. We live in a world where algorithms¬† are used to predict our behaviour, what we want to buy, how we will vote, where we will travel. What out health will be like . We are pigeon holed into data sets.

I guess what I’m saying is I don’t want to fit in with predictive text, I prefer freedom of thought. I know astrology does not control my life, I’m just amazed that people still believe in it.

I love astronomy, the study of planets, galaxies, nebulae. But I don’t think they influence me. I realise that gravity holds everything together. But when you think about it you can lift an apple up from a table without any effort . You have just overcome the force of gravity. The only reason the Moon orbits Earth is because they are huge, massive, immense. But a force from another object hitting the moon could knock it out of orbit. A wave of gravity was recently detected from two black holes colliding, but it was a miniscule force and difficult to detect.

All I’m saying is, yes there are patterns you can see in the stars called constellations,¬† But don’t expect them to effect your life!

Knitted Jupiter, well not really..


I wanted to paint Jupiter a couple of years ago, but my technique with acrylics does not quite work. I think I don’t blend colours as well as I could, still I had a go… me thus almost looks knitted…

What would Jupiter think if he was an ancient God?


You knitted me? That can’t be right,

I am great Jupiter, not a wooly jumper?

In all my days of pomp and might,

I was never treated rougher.

My power is great, my influence strong,

I never wore a cardie…

My orbit is extremely long,

And I am very hardy.

My storms last centuries you know,

They do not soon unravel,

So take your woollen paint and go,

As I through space do travel!



Perhaps I am getting too old, but although the temperature here has gone down considerably I still feel very hot and tired. Almost on the verge of a cold or something.

Consequently I gave myself a day off today to try and get some energy back. But all I have done is felt grumpy and ended up sitting in a heap of listless thoughts.

I posted this morning about being addicted to blogging, maybe today has shown me how much I am? Sitting still with not much to do. But I do not feel well. I’m not looking for sympathy, just a way out of the apathy!

Tomorrow is only half an hour away, maybe a good night’s sleep will help ease things. But being a woman of a certain age does not help!

Oh well onwards and up the apples and pears to Bedfordshire!

Abstracting Angles

Take a picture and twist it,

Mix it,

Turn it round and bend it,

Don’t mend it.

Shake it up,

Blend it.

Shape that space,

No disgrace to fix it.

Give it Grace,

Make a place,

New is ace.

Change its face.

There’s no race,

Just keep up your pace.

Spin that pic,

Twin that pic,

Win that pic.

Love that pic.

That pic is sick!

(A possible Rap) x

Its raining!


I just did the strangest thing, I saw it was raining hard outside, and then checked my tablet to see what the weather forecast was saying (light rain). Is this an indication of how addicted to my tablet I am.

Thinking about it, is that why they are called tablet computers? I know that’s not true but it makes you think.

Anyway the rain has just poured out of the sky, all those black and grey piled up clouds finally released their water. If I were living a hundred years ago I would have just watched it, but today I took photos and filmed it! Not such a great event in the scheme of things, hardly worth noting. So why write about it in a blog? If I had a diary and was writing 100 years ago I think it would have been about daily events, or even the war (not known as the 1st world war till later) I certainly would not have taken photos of rain, even if I had a box brownie. I once made a pin hole camera and developed my own pictures. You put a piece of photographic paper inside a biscuit tin in the dark. You make a tiny hole in the tin and cover  it. Then you go into a lit room or outside and uncover the pinhole for a second. Cover the hole again then develop the picture in a darkroom. I got some good results.

Anyway, I changed the subject…..yes, rain, good stuff, unless it causes flooding, damage, mud slides……

Bye x