Roses are red

Violets are blue,

This doesn’t rhyme

I dont know why!

Roses have such an important role in life, they are a symbol of love, lijd red roses for valentines day. They can be sent to patients in hospital, and are a beautiful addition to a garden. Roses are used as an image on greetings cards and can also be found as part of traditional canal art.

People always seem to want to retire to a cottage where roses grow around the door. I tend to think you might get spiked on the thorns if you are not careful.

Roses are red, but they can also be in many other colours, from palest white to almost black. Some roses have sweet scent, others are without perfume. Some flower continuously through spring, summer and into autumn while others bloom only once a year.

I am interested in trying to paint or draw them, their convoluted petals are a real challenge. How they intertwine, whether they are simple flowers like the dog rose, or more complex like hybrid tea roses.

The plants can be used formally, for instance in a rose garden with box hedges , or scrambling or climbing up trellises and trees. They will grow up a pergola and give scented shade in the summer. They can also be used as ground cover.

Don’t ask me about pruning, black spot, aphid attack or other problems because I don’t know….


I hate football!

2018-06-15 23.58.41

Look, I know there are a lot of people out there that love the “beautiful game” but I’m not one of them.

Don’t get me wrong, I was around in 1966 when England won the world cup. But I was only little and I don’t remember it. Basically I have enjoyed the start of a few tournaments when I was younger, but then there will be a crucial game and the team will miss a penalty or it will go to extra time and we will lose. I hate the tension of waiting, occasionally screaming with joy when we win (or draw) but too many times my blood pressure goes up and I regret watching the match.

I have come to the conclusion that I just cannot watch it. I don’t regret missing the game,  or hearing about it, or not finding out till the week after next what the result was. Or even never finding out at all.

So, I watch skiing, or cycling, or curling, or gymnastics, but not football (soccer) and I can add to that list a deep dislike  of golf, cricket, snooker….oh and darts too!

The contents of my kitchen

Are in my living room!

Its 10.21 am, and I am surrounded by “stuff” from the kitchen, pots, pans, plates, potatos, peas….ok enough p’s.. although I am a bit “peed” off.

We were promised that work would start today, well it was a bit of a vague promise along the lines of  “all being well”. Being a little naive about these things I expected the workman to arrive, possibly very early, to begin the job. But having seen numerous tv make over programmes I guessed it might not happen.  Especially after he didn’t answer his phone to me, so I have resorted to leaving text messages.

Having a husband with anxiety issues has made things doubly difficult. I cannot bin a lot of things because of his attachments to them. To be honest I’m also not able to let go of some things either. We have had to look at everything and decide what to keep and what to bin or give away. I’m posting photos …the heap of stuff is minus the bike parts which were in two of the cupboards.

What would you do in this situation?


Things were sorted out and we now have a starting date. I had assumed there was a problem when in actual fact it was a genuine mistake. However my excuse is that because of my husband’s anxiety things can seem far worse than they actually are.


The empty box at the front is for the cat!






India and Bandit…

India and Bandit were kittens, born in January 2017. They were two of four born to their mother.

I had taken in two rescue cats and one if them turned out to be pregnant.  They were cute as kittens are, bouncing round the house, climbing up the curtains, spinning round chasing their tails….

They have new names now, are fully grown I guess. I saw some of their photos and they looked lovely. I haven’t seen pictures of them recently so I hope they are doing well.

I have tried to write a poem about a kitten….

Kitten runs around the house,               Up and down the stairs.   Jumps from ground…                                             to curtain top.    Leaps across the bed.

Kitten rolls and plays with toys,                   into everything….      chases tail for hours and hours….             pounces on my nose,   falls asleep and purrs.

Kitten grows into a cat….                         lythe and soft and fast    still she chases all her toys                             never seems to stop      waits for belly rubs.

Cat grows old                                                        now she snores      she is old and grey.              Now she creeps but never leaps        one day she will be gone.

You like miserable news.


“You like your news miserable, you do” I said to him. “If its not sad you are not happy”. “It’s the religion I was bought up with, I can’t help it, we were told the world was going to end!”

“But it didn’t, it hasn’t, and even if humans disappear I think the world will carry on without us”…

We continued to talk about it, one argument laid over another, like a pile of folded clothes rising up in between us. Neither side was winning, just the usual grumble of disagreement that comes from being a couple for over 30 years.

“So you agree with me then?” The question insinuated itself into my mind. I tried to remember hearing what he had said a moment before, but there was a blank space where his words had been……”er yes?” grasping for some idea of where the conversation had got to. “Er. …. um,?”

“You know, I said it was all going to be a disaster”  “what disaster ?”  “That they are stopping making jelly babies!” “Why?”  “They are too wobbly!”

Remind me to listen in future…….

This is fiction, as far as I know jelly babies are safe and sound in their sweet jar. I just wanted to explain what happens when I switch off to what my husband is saying. I have to try and guess what was previously said, which can cause mild panic. …..!


Helicopter BuZz

My husband is flying a mini helicopter round the room like a giant red hornet….

I dont think the cats are impressed, they keep out of the way. The way the ‘copter flies is not very stable. Although my partner is getting better at it. So it’s difficult to get a clear photo.

I would try and post a video but I don’t know how to upload them.

Why is this important. I am not going into details but he suffers from some mental health issues. Flying the ‘copter helps him concentrate, I gives him something called “flow” I think. He doesn’t have to think about the bad things when he is doing it…except he gets anxious when he crashes it..

So, live and let live, although you can tell by the photos we are are on the verge of being hoarders!

Here is what I think….


Big red ‘copter flying round the room

Don’t hit the cat and cause its doom….

Big red ‘copter like a hornet, red..

If you carry on flying I’m going to bed!

Big red ‘copter, hope you battery goes flat!

The way you are flying you will soon go splat!

Big red ‘copter, don’t spin out of control

Those are my paintings…., No! You made a hole!