Copper Tears


Now there once were giant people throughout the lands. The Southern Giants were strong and smart, they were made of copper and bronze and shone in the sunlight. But the Northern Giants were also strong, and as they lived in the winter lands they were made of ice as hard as Iron. They could breath ice and snow when they fought. Because of this they were known as the Ice Giants.

After many years of war, Ralf, King of the Southern giants went to fight with them. He knew that if he did not win his lands would be forfeit and his wife would be killed by his enemies.

Lora, his wife, was scared when he told her his plans, but she knew he would have to go to save their fellow giants.

She watched him leave and cried tears which fell into her lap and made a huge pool of liquid copper, each tear making a ripple many feet high.

As she waited she thought she heard him calling her, she stood up and the copper spilled onto the ground, making a lake of copper at the base of the mountains where they lived.

Meanwhile in the North the Giants fought each other to a standstill. Ralf was winning, but as the battle came to an end one Ice Giant hit a fatal blow against him. He was dying but he hit back and felled the last Ice Giant.

His wife foresaw his death and started to weep again, she could not bear his loss. Her tears flowed over the land. Then the wind strengthened from the North. Forcing Lora to stand and start to run from its freezing grip. She was so tall that her tears fell from such a great height that they froze solid and shattered as they hit the ground.

It is said that there is a land in the south where her tears sit like trees in a forest, they are so many. And if you are far away you see the autumn colours of their copper and bronzes glinting in the sunlight.



Late last night I stared to write a little story about this woman I had drawn, it was called Charlis and it was about her rescuing her village from a flood using powers that she did not realise she had. It was not meant to be a superhero / comic type story, I was hoping it would be deeper than that.

I had got about half way through   (it was only short) and was concentrating on the plot when my tablet ran out of battery power and closed on me. This morning the story has gone.

I find it difficult to write stories, to put myself in other people’s lives. Doing something like this is quite daunting, would it be too verbose?  too convoluted? did it make sense, could I take people with me into the story?

I can’t remember half of what I had written, and I don’t want to inflict something on you that might not be any good.

So what should I do, recreate it, is it worth the hassle?  I tend to write things spontaneously, without any planning.  Late night writing when you are tired is not the best way of going about things. I don’t think I’m much of a writer, I don’t feel my words flow, I am just learning. At least I have age and some experience to fall back on.

I will ponder on this. …



1/12th or so of the population were born in the summer months of June and July. Part of those two months are demarcated as the astrological sign “Gemini”.

When I was a child I used to read my horoscope, occasionally it would be correct, most of the time not, despite it being so generalised that it could probably be relevant to half the popualtion of the country.

I don’t really understand why we still believe in such mythologies. We live in a world where algorithms  are used to predict our behaviour, what we want to buy, how we will vote, where we will travel. What out health will be like . We are pigeon holed into data sets.

I guess what I’m saying is I don’t want to fit in with predictive text, I prefer freedom of thought. I know astrology does not control my life, I’m just amazed that people still believe in it.

I love astronomy, the study of planets, galaxies, nebulae. But I don’t think they influence me. I realise that gravity holds everything together. But when you think about it you can lift an apple up from a table without any effort . You have just overcome the force of gravity. The only reason the Moon orbits Earth is because they are huge, massive, immense. But a force from another object hitting the moon could knock it out of orbit. A wave of gravity was recently detected from two black holes colliding, but it was a miniscule force and difficult to detect.

All I’m saying is, yes there are patterns you can see in the stars called constellations,  But don’t expect them to effect your life!