Are your walls full?


Clutter or art. I have such a visual brain that I love to see things on my walls. But I know my way is not everyone’s way.

But I would argue that there is some wonderful, arresting, interesting and challenging art out there and as an artist I like to add to it.

So if you would like something painting or drawing get in touch. I would be so happy to create something for you.

The painting’s on the wall.


There is a form of art called graffiti that has been created for centuries. But there is a modern take on it by artists creating pictures using stencils. The most famous of these is called Banksy.

Recently a painting has appeared on a garage wall in a Welsh town called Port Talbot. It’s of a fire burning on a garage and a young girl standing in that pose when you are standing in the snow, arms and face held upwards with the snow falling on them. But in this case the snow is actually the ashes falling down from the fire. I think it questions what sort of world young children are growing up in. Banksy paintings are worth a lot of money, so a fence has been erected around this one. His work has been defaced, painted over, removed and sold, and in one case shredded. It all goes to show what an influence he is having.

Art is fascinating because it is ubiquitous. Without it what a dull place the world would be. If we have to have graffiti I would prefer a Banksy to rude or crude images that sometimes appear on local walls. Art can be interesting, startling, ugly or beautiful. As can life.



Painting on black boards.

These are two more boards that I’m painting for the Penkhull panto. This time I have black boards to paint on and it’s taking a lot of paint! I think the acrylic paints I used are a bit too thin. The colour seems to sink in, not float on the surface so that they won’t show up as well on the stage. I’m going to get some stronger paint for next week with more pigment and less filler in them.

These two took a while to paint and it was very cold in the hall. I’m ready for some warm food and a rest.


New Blue


I have finally got back in the studio and started a new painting. It’s called Jupiter in Blue and will be part of an exhibition at Spode called “an Exhibition of Blue” from 1st February 2019.

The painting will be for sale so if anyone is interested in it please drop me a line!

The price will be ¬£300. Its 24×30 inches so its a decent size.

Better get on with it.



1st layer done.

Cat portraits

Painting cats.
I like painting cats from photographs but sometimes they don’t stay still. These are paintings of Casey and Lucy. Both were painted before I got a digital camera and although they were painted from life the cats didn’t stick around to pose!
Casey could get tangled up in anything, he climbed up shelves and sat in the middle of the road waiting for me. I had been given this kite as a Christmas present and he was determined to play with it!

Lucy on the other hand was an old lady of 21 when I painted her. She didn’t do much as she got older but she loved a fuss.

I added the patterns for both of them to make them more interesting. I’m pleased to take commissions for pet portraits if you are interested.


An oil 40 years on


Forty years ago I painted my partner and I still have the painting (and him).

It’s oil on canvas. The shine at the base was because there is a table lamp in front of it.

It must have been snowing as the background view shows white covered  hills outside.

I used to stretch my own canvases, then prime them with white emulsion paint. Oils also require turps or substitute turps and linseed oil to thin the paints down and create glazes.

I found that they were more workable because they stay wet for days. You can cover an oil painting up with cloth and it will still be workable a day or two later.

I wonder what my art would look like if I still used oils.