Oh I love pattern and colour,

I love birds, flowers and trees,

Green men, phoenix, mythical beasts.

Who wants bland and boring?

Who wants pale and wan?

Why not get those colours

Under your skin.

Life is so exciting.

Life can be such fun.

If only we embrace it

Under the sun.

Never give me plain things

Always give me jazz

Living in a coloured land

Magic has begun.

Patterns are my friend

People who read my blog know I love colour and pattern. Digital apps allow you to manipulate images and colours, or create your own patterns.

I have a love of spirals and curves, and repeating patterns. If I’m left alone I will sit and play, changing colours, creating new iterations, rearranging shapes, until I’m satisfied with the result. As I go along I save the doodles. Then I can go back to a previous drawing and go off on another tangent. If I like something I have created in a drawing app I might start something new in the same app, or try and recreate it in another app.

I find using different applications with different properties helps. So  might want to do something that seems to have been painted in oils or drawn in charcoal. But, importantly, I don’t want to spend lots of money, so they are all free apps from galaxy play store. Certain things won’t work on this tablet, even when I maximise my storage space.

One thing I want to do is get some of them printed. I’m trying to get a cable so I can transfer images to a usb stick.., that’s a plan for the near future.


One of my favourite things to do with photographs is to put them through the google layout app that allows you to take a photo, flip it and flip it again. You end up with strange abstract patterns, of symmetry and asymmetry, depending in how many photos you use.

I treated the goose photos two different ways. The large goose has been tipped and twisted 4 ways do that there is a pattern of S shapes. The other is 4 vertical panels, all the same size. That I have called “get your geese in a row”. The third picture is of partly completed kitchen cupboards “kaliediscoped”…

The fourth picture is two photos of almost the same view. Both were flipped,  but I made sure they did not line up for a change.

The fifth us of the pilings supporting the cafe at a local lake. The cafe seems to float above the lake and these pillars help to support it. The final photo was of oriental poppies at a local pottery….there seems to be a stepped path up through the foliage.


Companion Cats

I have had cats for most of my life…

Small ones, big ones, cheeky ones, timid ones…

Inevitably they get into my photos, drawings and have probably seen a few of them over the months I have been here. Some I paint from life, as pet portraits, but these are a little looser, cat shaped and friendly. I try and capture their spirit and character as well as their likeness in these pictures.

The photo of my mad male cat, sticking his head up behind the easel amuses me. I didn’t realise he was there till he popped up and looked at me. I took a photo as I may do a painting of him…..

So what next? I hope I get a few commissions as I do like painting animals. We are holding an open studio on 20 May 2018. There will be workshops, an exhibition, stalls and open studios….maybe that will result in some work to do…

Orme Art group

A group of like minded artists.

I go to an art group occasionally and either paint or draw. They meet on Saturdays and sometimes we do a group activity but today we did our own thing.

This portrait is of an old friend who has a tattooed face. I am doing two pictures, one for him and one for me. It is a challenge to try and get an accurate representation but I think I am getting there. I look into his gentle eyes and see how interesting he is.

I only spent about 3 hours on this so far. It is acrylic on canvas, about 10 inches by 14 . I took a photo of a detail of the chin because I liked the simple marks I had used.

Anyway, hope you like it.