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I love spirals,

Twirling round and far,

Spiral buns and spiral suns

And spiral galaxies.

I love


Twisting round

My tongue… making

Tornadoes                                     .               .

And hurricanes       .                              .

Fly around          .

The land.



I like creating kaleidoscopic patterns and this one reminded me of a Mandala I saw years ago.

I used to go to yoga sessions and loved relaxing and meditating. All I need now is some beautiful relaxing music.

By looking at something like this or drawing one you can take your mind away from the stresses of the outside world and start to relax. I understand why people like adult colouring books,  and there is something I have heard of called zentangle, although I’m not exactly sure how that works.

I used to enjoy trying to draw celtic knots but haven’t done any for years. Perhaps that is the next thing to investigate. I wonder what it is that attracts people to pattern making. I know I love to do it.


What can I say, I love patterns….drawing in one app then modifying it in another couple of apps. Then multiplying the images…….something in my brain makes me keep going, changing, creating new iterations. Playing with the colours, the tones, the sharpness of the images.

You don’t know when you start how they are going to turn out, but I want them to be satisfying. I do like to add spirals, curves and shading.