Still life set up?


Just found this photo…

Was it still life?  well it certainly is still!

I see art programmes where all sorts of things are put on display to be painted. I guess you have to use what comes to hand, but sometimes you can be limited by what’s available.

Positive things about this? I like the strong shadows being cast, there are interesting almost double shadows in front of the cups and saucers. I also like the blue cast shadow of the flowers and stems on the wall.

The cups and teapot are mismatched but at least they offer a challenge in getting their shapes down accurately. The vase is good, and the flowers would be nice to paint.  But why that old lamp? It’s not switched on, almost an afterthought? Maybe it was used at some stage.

Well I don’t know what else to say, we must all have random photos we don’t remember taking. Like old memories that suddenly spring to the surface. An old face remembered, or a phrase from a song, out of context now so that its meaning and history can only be grasped at.



I really must use these apples up. We have had them for a couple of weeks and apart from stewing them I also made an apple lattice pie. But its that time of year when you get a glut of fruit. Im wondering whether to slice them up and then freeze them? Or maybe make them into apple sauce, or even chutney. But I dont have any recipes. I guess I could make something up…..

I made some cider with a friend last year, its still brewing as far as I know, but she moved away and I dont want to pester her about it.

Apples are interesting. I think there are a lot of old varieties that have disappeared over the years, leaving one or two surviving without people knowing where they are. Old trees in old orchards that have been neglected. But which might be an extraordinary discovery if one is ever found.

Old green lampost


Like Poseidons trident, copper, turquoise green,

You stand gaunt against the sky.

A foregone, forgotten, street light or gaslamp?

Still holding your shape,

like an ancient but modern sculpture,

battling the elements, salt spray, sea mists. ..

Atop a castle keep? No arch of stone,

barrier to tide.

To light the lonely home after one too many?

Find their mackerel way back from the fishmongers?

Spent a day out at sea and you, lighthouse, cast a gentle glow?

Find solace for the bereaved,

a tristing place away from the town?

Seafront, sentinel, what did you Sea?

Two cats together…


This was what I saw when I got up this morning. Two cats together, going about their business, looking out for birds or squirrels. Not a care in the world. I wish I had their life!

The thing is I have to leave them a space to sit in because they just knock things off the cupboard if I don’t. I have had broken glasses and side plates to prove it.

They don’t go out so I guess it’s fair enough, but both of them don’t like going out. They will look out the front door but if a car is driving along the street they dart back in. I’ve never known such scaredy cats!

Anyway, they continue to thrive, despite not being allowed out. Maybe one day if I can get them in a harness? But I doubt that would work………..!