The contents of my kitchen

Are in my living room!

Its 10.21 am, and I am surrounded by “stuff” from the kitchen, pots, pans, plates, potatos, peas….ok enough p’s.. although I am a bit “peed” off.

We were promised that work would start today, well it was a bit of a vague promise along the lines of  “all being well”. Being a little naive about these things I expected the workman to arrive, possibly very early, to begin the job. But having seen numerous tv make over programmes I guessed it might not happen.  Especially after he didn’t answer his phone to me, so I have resorted to leaving text messages.

Having a husband with anxiety issues has made things doubly difficult. I cannot bin a lot of things because of his attachments to them. To be honest I’m also not able to let go of some things either. We have had to look at everything and decide what to keep and what to bin or give away. I’m posting photos …the heap of stuff is minus the bike parts which were in two of the cupboards.

What would you do in this situation?


Things were sorted out and we now have a starting date. I had assumed there was a problem when in actual fact it was a genuine mistake. However my excuse is that because of my husband’s anxiety things can seem far worse than they actually are.


The empty box at the front is for the cat!




In my friends garden

I took these photos in a friend’s garden 6 years ago (they came up on my Facebook feed) I am a nut about colour and some of these just zing!

I think I used a little digital camera with no added features to take these. I was just amazed how the reds and oranges stood out in the green.

I wish I could time travel back to those simpler times. But time flies, tempus fugit, and before you know it you are 6 years older and perhaps not wiser!

But in the meantime I’m going to enjoy browsing through these again…

Cheers x

Grey cat

Grey Cat, you sit and wait, for Mum or Dad or daughter Dotty.

But none come, they are gone….

Did you leave them, or they you? No one knows,

abandoned or lost, you have no home, but a brick shell, dilapidated, fusty, dirty, roof gone, open to frost.

Grey Cat, you are friendly, dusty, big head, thin….

You are white that is grey, and grey that is dark grey.

Your human Mum and Dad may miss you, but have already grieved, your loss tore apart a family.

Grey Cat, you have a territory, but bulldozers encroach.

Are you a Dad, are your kittens with their Mum. Do they rest their paws on dirt, or on old willow pattern tiles?

Grey Cat, I wish you well, may your days be long and loved.

Fare you well…….

Helicopter BuZz

My husband is flying a mini helicopter round the room like a giant red hornet….

I dont think the cats are impressed, they keep out of the way. The way the ‘copter flies is not very stable. Although my partner is getting better at it. So it’s difficult to get a clear photo.

I would try and post a video but I don’t know how to upload them.

Why is this important. I am not going into details but he suffers from some mental health issues. Flying the ‘copter helps him concentrate, I gives him something called “flow” I think. He doesn’t have to think about the bad things when he is doing it…except he gets anxious when he crashes it..

So, live and let live, although you can tell by the photos we are are on the verge of being hoarders!

Here is what I think….


Big red ‘copter flying round the room

Don’t hit the cat and cause its doom….

Big red ‘copter like a hornet, red..

If you carry on flying I’m going to bed!

Big red ‘copter, hope you battery goes flat!

The way you are flying you will soon go splat!

Big red ‘copter, don’t spin out of control

Those are my paintings…., No! You made a hole!

Biddulph Grange

Biddulph Grange, once a stately home near Biddulph, staffordshire, then a TB hospital. Now a National trust garden that was rebuilt and uncovered over the last few years.

Made up of garden rooms. Such as the China garden where a beautiful bridge reminiscent of the Spode willow patterns stands over a pool stocked with koi carp. There is a pavilion floating above the water, giving a serene feel to the garden. there is even a great wall taking you round to another aspect if the garden.

There are sphinxes in the Egyptian garden, daliahs in the daliahs walk….so much to see, so many ideas on one place. There is a Swiss cottage, and a frog staring at you from a stone wall. There is a golden calf which must have pagan overtones. The garden was created back in victorion time. I find the best time to visit is when the daliah walk is in flower. It is spectacular to see with the backdrop of a tower leading up to a higher level.

There are tunnels to walk through and various paths winding through the gardens. At the top of the long walk up the slope from the main building is a huge urn standing at the very top of the hill. You can look back and see the grounds spread out in front of you.

If you are in the vicinity why not call in?



Cee’s foto fun challenge, Chatterley and Whitfield

I have decided to add this photo to Cee’s challenge add a dilapidated barn or any other building.

Thus us the old Colliery building I was drawing on Saturday. It’s amazing that it is still standing, it reminds me of an old cathedral or castle…..a ruin of the future, which until a few decades ago supplied fuel for our homes and power stations.

Hopefully it will reopen as a museum to the hard work and skills of its former workers.FB_IMG_1526758834556

the old Colliery buildings

Time ticks by for Ash..


An Ash tree in the garden is being taken down because it is too close to the house and its crown was also reaching wide. The branches (which some say look like witches fingers) were scraping on the upstairs landing window.

I feel like it should have an epitaph to mark its removal…

Here stands the limbs of Ash,                                                               waiting to be felled, the rest of it,                                                       long branches and twigs, already gone,                                            resting on the ground, used as fuel, burnt in stoves.

Ash is now ashes. Time has ticked…

That tree once tiny, New, planted from a seed.                   Moved with us from our former home when we came here,  planted with love,  2 foot high… grew with us..

Tick…but time moves on… Tock.

Witches fingers scratch the glass. It only took 25 years,               Ash is tall now, many stemmed, reaching out and up.                  I wish tall, slender tree, that you could stay,                                  but your leaves block light and Sun.

Your TIME has come, I am sad indeed.                                             But you are only one, a Walnut bearing fruit stands near, two Cherry trees, one Pear. There are small  Apple trees with blossom on, their fruit now soon to bear.

I see you cut down, still quite young, I do feel pain indeed.          I know that Oak and Plum and Holly also grow out there.        Perhaps you will forgive the blade that took your mighty crown                                                                                                 and understand my tears. It is a moment’s work to take away   your years.

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock…..

My life has sped, as you have grown, the time has gone so fast  … in so few years and yet long…then mine will also end.

I’m not really good at verse, and putting my feelings into words is difficult in this situation. I want to describe how sad I am to have the tree removed, but it will allow light in. The area under it has always been ever shady. There is also deep shade from a holly tree, and further down the garden a large laurel bush. I want to get more flowers in for the bees. But I will miss the Ash…. I know its a tree, not a person, but we are all cut down by time…seed, sapling, mature tree, then possibly the disease of age takes over…and our time too will be done.