Perhaps I am getting too old, but although the temperature here has gone down considerably I still feel very hot and tired. Almost on the verge of a cold or something.

Consequently I gave myself a day off today to try and get some energy back. But all I have done is felt grumpy and ended up sitting in a heap of listless thoughts.

I posted this morning about being addicted to blogging, maybe today has shown me how much I am? Sitting still with not much to do. But I do not feel well. I’m not looking for sympathy, just a way out of the apathy!

Tomorrow is only half an hour away, maybe a good night’s sleep will help ease things. But being a woman of a certain age does not help!

Oh well onwards and up the apples and pears to Bedfordshire!

Its raining!


I just did the strangest thing, I saw it was raining hard outside, and then checked my tablet to see what the weather forecast was saying (light rain). Is this an indication of how addicted to my tablet I am.

Thinking about it, is that why they are called tablet computers? I know that’s not true but it makes you think.

Anyway the rain has just poured out of the sky, all those black and grey piled up clouds finally released their water. If I were living a hundred years ago I would have just watched it, but today I took photos and filmed it! Not such a great event in the scheme of things, hardly worth noting. So why write about it in a blog? If I had a diary and was writing 100 years ago I think it would have been about daily events, or even the war (not known as the 1st world war till later) I certainly would not have taken photos of rain, even if I had a box brownie. I once made a pin hole camera and developed my own pictures. You put a piece of photographic paper inside a biscuit tin in the dark. You make a tiny hole in the tin and coverĀ  it. Then you go into a lit room or outside and uncover the pinhole for a second. Cover the hole again then develop the picture in a darkroom. I got some good results.

Anyway, I changed the subject…..yes, rain, good stuff, unless it causes flooding, damage, mud slides……

Bye x


One thing about living in a temperate climate in the Midlands of England is the variations in the sky. We might have just had one of the hottest summer’s on record, but like most people here I am waiting for the rain to come back. The country usually gets enough, but at the moment satellite imagery shows the grass burnt to brown instead of the greens of summers. Trees seem to be fairing better because they have deep roots. But hopefully when the rain comes down from the sky the land will recover.


Clouds fly on the breezes and winds,

Blue skies soon turn grey,

Magic sunsets illuminate the sky,

Stars shine out on high.

Shooting stars obscured by clouds,

Planet’s seem so bright.

Moon and Sun in turn appear,

Sometimes Moon hides Sun.

Look up, look up, into the air, not just to the ground,

Above your head the sky astounds,

The world below is gone.


Well I do like skies. There is something called the cloud appreciation society which has interesting information about clouds. They suggest blue skies are boring, and watching the different sorts of clouds is the thing to do, from cirrus, cumulo nimbus, asperatus, mammatus, stratus, so many names. New cloud formations identified. ..

Skies are such a barometer (no pun intended) of our atmosphere. I would hate to live in a country where the weather stayed the same for months.


Organ grinders

One thing about Britain, and in this case specifically England is that we have our fair share of eccentrics, collectors, restorer’s and skilled artisans.

Today was a case in point. I met some lovely people who restore and make their own organs and are known as organ grinders because they turn a handle at the back of the machine to work a set of bellows to play music.

Apparently you can get various sorts of organs. A lady showed me how hers worked, with a roll of paper, held on a tube (a bit like a toilet roll). As she turned the handle to pump the bellows the paper roll passed over a series of holes attached to pipes at the top of the machine. the paper was slightly waxy or plasticised, it had small holes cut in it and as each set of holes lined up with the organ pipes it played a note, pipes that were covered with the paper did not play. The lady told me the organ was made in Germany by a famous maker. Sadly I forgot to get a note of his name.

Other organs music was on flat peices of card joined together like a jacquard pattern for weaving. One even had a sim card in it and all the player (grinder) had to do was turn the bellows handle.

The owners of the machines were all dressed in Victorian costume and were dotted around the Etruria Industrial museum. They were there for there national meeting and had come from all around the country. They are staying for a week and will be here until next Sunday.


Light Dino


You glow in the dark to light my way….

Triceratopsically whimsical

Moonlit Dino, horned and frilled,

plastic printed 3d pet.

Your noble stance hides a part of your leg.

Broken off foot, you hobble across the cattle grid trivet

On top of the microwave…

How do you light my way?

Unique l.e.d light, recharged through a usb port.

Your battery flat now after a night on the tiles.

Left on by mistake to light the way of hunting cats,

tigerish moggies that stalk their catnip prey…

So my millions of year old pal, I shall renew your light,

Recharge , rebuild, modern but also ancient

Dino, Tri, Cera, you are Tops!

Black and White cats


Two tiers of cats, one tries to get higher than the other. Both sleep, then a tail flickers or a whisker twitches, and they wake, wash, then chase each other round the room, upstairs, into the front bedroom, thundering paws shaking the floorboards.

Hot cats sleep more in this weather, try to find cool places. The newly refurbished kitchen is ideal at night. Apparently there is a lack of insulation in the roof so it gets cooler in the evening. I walk in there and one cat is curled up in the fruit bowl and the other is lying on top of the cooker cover.

One morning this week the male cat was asleep in a box. Why would an animal covered in thick fur decide to take a nap in something that would make it warmer?

Black and White photos of black and white cats appeal to me. You can see more of the patterns on their coats. The background colours are not there to distract your vision and the gradation of greys makes for a more interesting picture.

Sometimes one cat is easier to take a picture of than the other. Our female cat is very friendly when she wants a fuss but more often than not she will find somewhere quiet under a cupboard to sleep. She also runs off when I try and photograph her.

They are a brother and sister…..but the male is twice as large as the female. I like it when they move in synchronisation or lie down in mirror image positions.

I love my cats, and I think they love me back.



Blues and green…

My kitchen and bathroom are almost finished after 2 and a half weeks of work…. I’m pleased with the blue colours I chose for the walls in the bathroom and the tiles in the kitchen.

I decided on two tones of tiles, a mid to dark blue tile complemented by a blue grey tile above. I wanted something which would work with the tone of pale green that I decided to have on the walls and the pale ivory cabinets. I also think the blue tiles tone in well with the wooden worktops. The green also compliments the foliage outside in the garden.

In the bathroom its bright blue with white fixtures and fittings. I wanted a colour that reminded me of beach holidays. There are no stripes but I feel like the colours are similar to beach huts on a bright sunny day.

I haven’t had the chance to have a new kitchen and bathroom before. I’m going to have to stop spending soon! I appreciate how lucky I am to get it done, but it has taken almost 25 years !