I just accidentally clicked on the new editor and didn’t understand it at all. My photos uploaded straight away but then I couldn’t work out how to add text? Has anyone else used it yet?

Anyway ..


Bright sky, blue moon, sharp stars.

Pink and yellow sparkle,

Flat blue and violet.

No clouds this morning,

Just smoke trails in the blue.

Azure hue, tinge of grey.

Twigs and branches scratch holes

Through into the night.

Fingers of dark pulling down the dark,

Dawn into Dusk.

I’ll go out and buy one.



A handbook for engineering,

A toy racing car,

A second hand oil heater.

I’ll go out and buy one he said.


We don’t need an engineers thesaurus,

A scalextric set,

Extra heating,

She advised…..


I’ll get some glue,

And some wood

And some brackets

He said.


We don’t need shelves,

We’ve got cupboards

And drawers

She replied.


I’ll get some yeast

And flour (strong white)

And a mixing bowl

He told her.


But you burn toast

Add salt to cakes

And set fire to the grill

Three times.


I’ll buy a shed, she said

For you, she said

Then you’ll be happy

She said.



Scarred pears



Your bruises show on your skin.

Where wind and birds have scratched

And clawed at you.

But impenetrable until ripe

Your green skin is freckled and dented.

Even squirrels attempted a nibble

But the weight of your plumpness denied their grip,

Instead hurling you to the hard ground.

Collected to be put into a pie,

Cut up or discarded.

Your fate awaits.

Hunched over my phone 📱


Oh the bells and whistles

Oh the joy of text.

Tied to my computer

Can’t give it a rest .


Colours lights and art groups

Follow this and that

Games and news and videos

Just another app.


Fake and real and horrible,

Words all torn and turned

Life is just an algorithm

Reality unheard.


Sent from my mobile

Into your old brain

Never been so engaged

With nothing, no real gain.


So put that ruddy phone down

Turn off your all your apps

A call back to reality

Before your life is …




Blue and cold, chill my bones,

Snow falls sifted like icing sugar.

Whorls of wind taking heat away.

to where? Icy fingertips frosted nose,

Ankles and feet lumped with shivers,

Cooled heels , cold arms, breath softly turned to cold fog.

Heating is on but not making a dent in the chilly room.

Yesterday was glorious, brilliant,  sunny.

Now I need thermal clothes to encapsulate me.

It may not warm till spring, when suns return heralds warmth.

Till then, head down, under duvet, I try and stay warm.

Winter begins in Autumns arms.



A poem of spellchecker words…….

I tried the same way but

Sent from my old phone.

I enjoy the rest of the day,

Pearly white hair on the sofa,

Sent from my black bag,

Cause a bit of a victorian painting

Sent from my old address ,

So sharp and fine with the barn dance

I’m a little bit worried about the snow.

Its a bit like an expensive weekend.

Sent from my old version of my head.



What is sleep, this spider web of thought,

Old choices or soft places? Violence or love?

Never forget your dream until its over then it’s gone.

Reality is there . Belief in normality that is surreal.

Fire and ice, pain and grace.

How we dream of troubles,of happiness of joy of hate.

Integrating thoughts or losing the agony of pain.

Value sleep it is an escape into dreams.