Noises outside


It’s dark outside and I heard clunking noises out there a few minutes ago. I got a torch and turned out the kitchen light so I could shine it through the window  Couldn’t see anything. Then I checked the front and back doors were locked. And tried to see through the side window at the front of the house. But staring out all I could see was the padlock on the gate.

Waiting as quietly as possible is difficult when the fridge suddenly starts up when you are trying to listen out for extraneous sounds.

Now I’m nodding off. It’s early in the morning and I can hardly keep my eyes open. I’ve not heard any more noises, except the cats chasing each other.

I can hear my heartbeat in my ear. I really need some sleep.. So I’m going to bed.

So this spooky tale has me going to sleep .. Not spooky at all really…..


Lazy days

Sleep is fine for the cat,

Sixteen hours a day, rain or shine.

A wash behind the ears as he awakes,

A sniff of his paw, then cleans his face.

Time for breakfast/lunch/dinner

And cold, fresh, water.

Then off outside to peruse the birds.

See what’s on his territory.

Ginger from next door??

A swipe and it runs away…

Later as the sun sets,

Paw over nose

Cat again in a doze.



The Sun sets earlier every day now, by 9pm it is dark, the summer sun falls below the horizon, dropping down and bringing shadows.

My head nods with weariness, barely able to keep my eyes open. I long for sleep, ready to rest my weary limbs beneath cool sheets, but sleep sneaks away sometimes, I’m hazy with it one minute then alert and awake the next jerking back into the world with a jump, taken out of sleep by a noise or a pain.

So yes, I do need sleep, but it tends to grab hold of me in the daytime. When I’m not expecting it I fall asleep. Listening to the radio or watching tv. In a meeting. Thankfully never when I am driving. But I could almost fall asleep in a queue in a shop, tonight I was nodding at choir practice… but now at well after midnight, nothing,  no sleep.

Sleep is the soft rest that gently rocks your body into dreams,

Sleep is the midnight air coursing through your veins,

Sleep is looking at your partner as he slumbers,

Sleep hides ills and heals woes,

Sleep shapes wakefulness, giving rest to the weary.

I want sleep in my eyes, sleep in my mind.

I want to be drousy, dreaming of soft down pillows.

I need rest, from fears, from worries.

Give me sleep, now.



Darn it I’m awake again,

3 hours sleep so far,

Woken by an urge to do,

What nature calls me to.


Damn it I’m awake again

Before the birds first call,

Very dark turns slightly light,

Now sleep is hit by blight.


Drat it I’m awake too much,

At night I barely sleep

Yet in the bright arousing day,

My mind slips far away.


So let me sleep an hour more,

Give me that much ease,

Don’t let me stay awake at night,

But let my dreams take flight.




Good night….zzzzz

Quiet night in


Oh I needed a quiet night in after a long drive back from Wales this afternoon. I was so tired I fell asleep almost as soon as we got in, before I had even unpacked.

The cats were glad to see us, having been looked after by friends for the last few days.  They are not very demonstrative usually but they both came up for a love.

But quiet times did not last because we have a leak in the airing cupboard. We had thought it was fixed a few weeks ago, but the wall is damp again. (we came back off holiday 4 or 5 years ago and water was pouring out the overflow into the garden, this is not as bad).

I’m very disappointed because I thought it was fixed.. I won’t use swearwords or curses, but I’m flipping fed up with it. I think its a pump that is failing, its old and was leaky, maybe it needs replacing. If I had known we would come back to this I might not have gone away, I don’t know how much damage it has done but it will have to be sorted out.

After that I settled down to watch tv, but then I decided to cook an evening meal, which was difficult because my partner had eaten half of ingredients while I was asleep. Boo hiss! I had told him I was going to cook but he got there first. Plus he’s drunk all the milk in his coffee and the shops are shut….


Sleep aponea


This is the mask I have to wear every night. It’s to help my breathing by pushing air into my mouth and stopping the soft pallet at the back of my throat collapsing.

A couple of years ago, I was tired all the time, falling asleep at work. Couldn’t keep my eyes open. I felt awful and was having other health issues. Luckily my doctor sent me for tests and it came back that I had sleep aponea.

What’s that? Well as I say it stops my soft  pallet from falling down into my throat and effectively choking me. Instead of getting good deep sleep my brain was waking me into light sleep so I could breathe but the lack of deep sleep is harmful. The condition can cause heart problems and diabetes amongst other illnesses.

I thank my doctor for getting me sorted out. I don’t know what I would have done or how I would have been without his intervention .

Thankfully I’m much better now,  and although the mask can be a nuisance I’m glad I’ve got it!