Painting on black boards.

These are two more boards that I’m painting for the Penkhull panto. This time I have black boards to paint on and it’s taking a lot of paint! I think the acrylic paints I used are a bit too thin. The colour seems to sink in, not float on the surface so that they won’t show up as well on the stage. I’m going to get some stronger paint for next week with more pigment and less filler in them.

These two took a while to paint and it was very cold in the hall. I’m ready for some warm food and a rest.


New Blue


I have finally got back in the studio and started a new painting. It’s called Jupiter in Blue and will be part of an exhibition at Spode called “an Exhibition of Blue” from 1st February 2019.

The painting will be for sale so if anyone is interested in it please drop me a line!

The price will be ¬£300. Its 24×30 inches so its a decent size.

Better get on with it.



1st layer done.

Afternoon walk

It was grey and cold, but after visiting a hobby shop for train track for my partners model railway we decided to get a warm cup of coffee then go for a walk.

The local lake (actually a canal reservoir) is around a mile in circumference and nice and flat. We picked up some duck food and strolled around in the cold..

The light was fading but the birds were still around and raced across the lake to get the food we were throwing out for them. My hands were getting progressively colder as I fed them and then took photos of their antics. The images were a bit blurry, but I also took pictures of the trees. Their empty branches and twigs reached up like fingers to the sky. I’ve taken too many photos as usual but I was able to make some interesting patterns from them. Glad to be home and warm again.


A small amount of progress

I thought I would post this progress picture even though I haven’t progressed that far since the last one. I do need to change some of the angles. I’m trying to give it a late afternoon glow to brighten the brickwork. I’m going to add some clouds to the sky to give it more depth.

The canvas is about 30 inches by 24 inches. I’m using acrylic again. I need to get some more blue and white for the sky.

Well that’s it for now. Christmas is coming and I’m getting busy, but I will try and post more over the next couple of weeks.


Bridge ūüĆČ

Prompted by Martha Kennedy Ragtag Daily Prompt “Bridge”.

I’ve walked and driven over a lot of bridges lately. Strangely I only regularly go back over one….the road over the canal leading into and out of Stoke-upon-Trent the town that the city of Stoke is named from.

That is a little road bridge which then takes you under a railway bridge which is the main line to Stoke Station.

Other bridges are the footbridge in Rhyl that was recently made (built?).) pictured). It is a beautiful, shiny metal object. The central section has a steel mast rising up to the sky. Somehow the bridge can rotate to the allow boats further up the river channel, although I haven’t seen it in operation.

Finally I’m thinking about the Humber Bridge in Yorkshire. This spans the Humber River. It crosses from South to North into the city of Hull. You can tell you are arriving at something very imposing as you drive along the road towards it. There is countryside on either side and the bridge looms up in the distance. It’s one of those optical illusions where it seems to diminish as you get closer. Then you are paying at a toll booth and onto the span of the bridge itself. It is very high and long. A beautiful example of engineering.

Then on the news today. The Severn Bridge between England and Wales has just had its toll booths removed. No charge for crossing it any more!

Now don’t get me onto the Forth Bridge! That’s another story.


Community Spirit


Five public houses, one private house and a Christmas tree…. What do they have in common? We went Carol singing around them with the Penkhull Mystery singers last night.

From wassail songs, Latin carols, ancient hyms and fairytail of New York… We sang so much last night. Its becoming a local tradition to visit all the hostelries to sing to the locals and collect funds for the Penkhull Mystery play in the summer. Its a difficult way of doing it because it relies on the number of people in the pubs and we outnumbered everybody in each of the pubs. But it was fun! Singing the Holly and the Ivy in four part harmony, or Good King Wenseslas with the men and women split into parts. And we sounded good. We are becoming more balanced as a choir. More choral.

After the New Year the choir splits back up. It’s made up of members of two Choirs and other members who just get together for this. But the cameraderie will remain.

I’m looking forward to next year when we do it all again.


Black star ceramics

My husband treated me to a couple of lovely pots today from a pottery called black star ceramics. They specialise in beautiful gkazed pottery and the colours can be spectacular.  I particularly like the red and yellow ones.

I know they sell the pots at Spode but I think they also sell at the Wedgwood makers market that is on the first Saturday of the month. This is out at the wedgwood factory near Barlaston, Staffordshire¬† I think they also sell at other markets but I’m not sure where.