I can’t keep up!

My brain is getting frazzled!IMG_20180329_113816_099

I joined wordpress a few months ago and am really enjoying the experience. There are lots of interesting blogs on here on all sorts of subjects.


I can’t keep up. My inbox is full of your wonderful blogs, each morsel should be read with devotion and rapt attention, but I have to admit I can’t do it!

How does anyone else manage! I can skim read a lot but I only have time to look at a few properly.  Most I want to click “like” on, to show they have grabbed my  eyes and made me stop and think.


I dont have time! I don’t have the capacity to read it all. The guilt I feel if I miss anything. Then again I have other social media to check. Other emails to read. Stuff off the internet that either interests me, or I have to deal with.

So please forgive me if I can’t like all your posts. I will try….



Just spent two hours going from a blank canvas to this. I’m trying to paint Planetary nebula NGC 2044. May have got the number wrong?

Anyway I saw the canvas last week and decided to have a go at something. I was going to paint the moon  but decided on something a bit more colourful….hmm there I go again!

Anyway, astronomers out there will see its not accurate, but its bloody difficult to hold a book in one hand and the canvas in the other…not doing my back any good. Its now 2am. I have an appointment at 9.30am, I dont know why I’m still up? Well yes I do, my artists block is well and truly broken. I have finished 8 tiny paintings today and started this!

I sort of explode sometimes with art.. can’t help it. I am so full of ideas sometimes…..but…bed…ok..bed..hmmm…coffee? No..bed…

Night all!


This is the finished painting. Sorry about the lighting!



I think I might do some poems about colours…..






Nice things are made of this….





Can be nasty too!

Yellowish green, orangey yellow, pale, dark, umber, sand….

Sunshine, egg yolk, khaki, cadmium, sulphur, icecream

And vanilla…

Yellow lights up our life, heat in the desert, fire in dream.

Never shadowed

Adorned, arisen , shone.

Artists block


I want to paint, I have to have new work done in ten days, but apart from a few sketches I’m stuck.

I look at old paintings and drawings, and they are not good enough for what I’m doing, they don’t come up to scratch. They need to represent me, my art. I’m trying to be professional so they all have to be good quality.

I am blocked, I am allowing my fears to hold me back. Even thinking about it makes my mind go blank. It’s the fear of failure, the belief that Im not good enough. I know its not true. I can and will probably be OK, but its the fear…..

I can’t imagine being on the other side of it though. My stomach is fluttering. My mind is empty. I do not want to pick up my paintbrush. There’s canvas’s waiting to be covered but I’m not sure what to put on them!

Is there a patron saint for painters? I hope I get some inspiration soon…….