I remember a children’s programme I used to watch when I was a child. The theme song included the line “on white horses”, but I have very little memory about the show or the rest of the music. sketch-1546645322237.png

There were many programmes with horses then. Including the Lone Ranger. A children’s TV show called Follyfoot I think, and another called the adventures of Black Beauty based on the story by Anna Sewell.

I remember always drawing horses. My favourites were dappled grey ones. It’s not as frequent an obsession now, and as there are fewer horses and ponies on TV, I don’t get the chance to look at them very often….. Other memories include going on holiday to Dorset as a child and seeing a white horse carved into the hillside, and hearing that a rough sea with white topped waves was said to have “white horses” on it.

Life does seem to move at the gallop now. So many things change as you get older. I suppose we are living in the most technologically rapidly changing times in human history. Not long ago horses were used on farms to haul plows. Dray horses to pull brewery carts, and even to work down mines and pull canal barges. How times change

Last Day


It’s the last day of 2018. 2am, only 22 hours to go till 2019.

How do I feel. Well I’ve started then stopped doing a couple of things this year, including not being able to get to urban sketchers because it clashes with another art group. Not persevering with trumpet lessons because I was feeling down, and almost giving up on archery because I’ve been too busy.

The wonderful thing is though that I have tried my hand at these things. Where before I never had time to do them. I know I need to get back to them and I think when we have brighter days I won’t be in such a hibernation mode. I guess part of it is trying to do more with my partner. I don’t want him to be isolated. He needs to get out there and do things but his mind is not in a good place..

I know there is a lot of talk about mental health but I won’t go into details. I just wrote a long paragraph explaining it all  then decided to delete it. Sometimes things need to stay private.

So anyway, we are passing from one year to the next. It’s an arbitrary marker of time. I guess it does signify the return of the Sun over the next few months. Time does seem to go faster with age. Clocks tick…….

So as the season is merry I shall wish you all a happy healthy and fun 2019.


A blue bar of cerulean sky contrasts with sodium lighting as the sun creeps back up the sky. Of course it is the Earth turning on its axis that makes the sun appear to rise when it is actually us turning towards it.

The cloudy skies have prevented me seeing a fuzzy green comet which is in the sky somewhere above Orion, possibly near the constellation Gemini. I’ve tried looking out each night but the weather is too murky. I probably need to take the car out into the countryside to see it.

More cloud has blown across the sky so it’s actually got slightly darker. I heard a brief song from a bird about half an hour ago but the dawn chorus tends to be muted at this time of year. It improves in spring and early summer when the birds that inhabit the garden start to look for mates.

Listening to radio 4on the bbc and hearing news from around the world.

Life continues, partner is snoring. I might be soon. I think I will catch another 40 winks…


Looking two ways


Remember the future

Wait for the past

How do we know

Times arrows flow past ?

Broken to mended.,

Crumbled to fixed…

I know its happened

Days before this.

Weather makes patterns

Time takes your mind

Going to sleep

And wake up past this.

Go forward and backwards

Through times tangled forest,

Caught in the branches, twigs and boughs,

Only returning slowly to now.

Time and space

We decided to visit the time and space exhibition at the world museum, Liverpool, while we went to see the exhibition of the terracotta army from China.

Time and space is on the top floor. Along with a planetarium (which we didn’t know you had to book). There were some stunning clocks and watches and scientific instruments. It’s not as interactive as Jodrell Bank, but it feels authentic, like an old fashioned museum, there were spectroscopic instruments from Liverpool University, and part of an old cyclotron. There was also a feed from the international Space Station which was on http://www.nasatv you could even log in to the signal your self.

After watching the new Dr Who series on TV it was good to see the reality.

Time Ticks

PicsArt_1536439451689It does! I started writing this over 12 hours ago but then the battery on my tablet went flat so I had to wait until now .

Anyway, time does tick by, sometimes I know exactly when the alarm is going to go off, and it does. I can wake up a second before the alarm clock goes off….nothing is clicking or whirring or spinning to give me a cue or a clue. Same with the alarm on our oven, last night I got up from my chair to check it just before it went off.

One explanation is the brain has tiny cells beating regularly giving us a sense of time. There are also electric nodes in your heart that regulate your heartbeat, and your breathing is a regular rhythm allowing you to get just the right amount of air.

But what is time, why do we feel times arrow? Why does a cup fall and then break as it hits the floor? Why isn’t it on the floor then bouncing back up onto the table, reforming from smashed to solid in a second? There is something called entropy, everything breaks down over time. Everything tends towards chaos. The Universe is cooling, as space expands. Astrophysicists speak of the heat death of the universe as everything spreads out and cools towards absolute zero. Galaxies are flying away from each other. If things continue, in many billions or trillions of years, we would have completely black skies, no stars in sight. Our Sun will have cooled to a husk of burnt matter and all the other Stars will fly off away for us. There is something called red shift, as galaxies move away their light shifts towards the red end of the spectrum, the larger the red shift the faster they are moving. There are theories about things called dark energy and dark matter that try to explain this, but I wouldn’t know where to start with that aspect of space time.

Time ticks for everything, although time may not actually exist, it might just be our way of measuring the passing of things happening, but not understanding the universe. But if it is real there may be an advantage of time. The end of the universe or more likely its continuous, infinite existence, will not happen in our time. But a long long long time in the future.


Time ticks by for Ash..


An Ash tree in the garden is being taken down because it is too close to the house and its crown was also reaching wide. The branches (which some say look like witches fingers) were scraping on the upstairs landing window.

I feel like it should have an epitaph to mark its removal…

Here stands the limbs of Ash,                                                               waiting to be felled, the rest of it,                                                       long branches and twigs, already gone,                                            resting on the ground, used as fuel, burnt in stoves.

Ash is now ashes. Time has ticked…

That tree once tiny, New, planted from a seed.                   Moved with us from our former home when we came here,  planted with love,  2 foot high… grew with us..

Tick…but time moves on… Tock.

Witches fingers scratch the glass. It only took 25 years,               Ash is tall now, many stemmed, reaching out and up.                  I wish tall, slender tree, that you could stay,                                  but your leaves block light and Sun.

Your TIME has come, I am sad indeed.                                             But you are only one, a Walnut bearing fruit stands near, two Cherry trees, one Pear. There are small  Apple trees with blossom on, their fruit now soon to bear.

I see you cut down, still quite young, I do feel pain indeed.          I know that Oak and Plum and Holly also grow out there.        Perhaps you will forgive the blade that took your mighty crown                                                                                                 and understand my tears. It is a moment’s work to take away   your years.

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock…..

My life has sped, as you have grown, the time has gone so fast  … in so few years and yet long…then mine will also end.

I’m not really good at verse, and putting my feelings into words is difficult in this situation. I want to describe how sad I am to have the tree removed, but it will allow light in. The area under it has always been ever shady. There is also deep shade from a holly tree, and further down the garden a large laurel bush. I want to get more flowers in for the bees. But I will miss the Ash…. I know its a tree, not a person, but we are all cut down by time…seed, sapling, mature tree, then possibly the disease of age takes over…and our time too will be done.