Noises outside


It’s dark outside and I heard clunking noises out there a few minutes ago. I got a torch and turned out the kitchen light so I could shine it through the window¬† Couldn’t see anything. Then I checked the front and back doors were locked. And tried to see through the side window at the front of the house. But staring out all I could see was the padlock on the gate.

Waiting as quietly as possible is difficult when the fridge suddenly starts up when you are trying to listen out for extraneous sounds.

Now I’m nodding off. It’s early in the morning and I can hardly keep my eyes open. I’ve not heard any more noises, except the cats chasing each other.

I can hear my heartbeat in my ear. I really need some sleep.. So I’m going to bed.

So this spooky tale has me going to sleep .. Not spooky at all really…..




Perhaps I am getting too old, but although the temperature here has gone down considerably I still feel very hot and tired. Almost on the verge of a cold or something.

Consequently I gave myself a day off today to try and get some energy back. But all I have done is felt grumpy and ended up sitting in a heap of listless thoughts.

I posted this morning about being addicted to blogging, maybe today has shown me how much I am? Sitting still with not much to do. But I do not feel well. I’m not looking for sympathy, just a way out of the apathy!

Tomorrow is only half an hour away, maybe a good night’s sleep will help ease things. But being a woman of a certain age does not help!

Oh well onwards and up the apples and pears to Bedfordshire!