I forgot


I was out at the pub tonight at our local folk bands monthly visit. They usually play till about 10pm then they go round the room asking whether you want to sing a song or read out a pot!!

Well it was getting towards me. I was going to sing Laras song from Dr Jivago? I looked up the Lyrics. It seemed OK. Just sing and remember. I started, and ground to a halt. I could not remember the music or the song. Next time I will try and sing again. But tonight was bad….

Fork candles

the confusion of words, such as The two Ronnies sketch: four candles or fork handles…..a poem.FB_IMG_1524173502338

Can you hear the difference?

Fork….or Four…Candles…or handles….

See the word, unheard, the difference.

Imagine a fork shaped candle?

Or four spade handles…

Words change, morph, but stay the same.

Homophones, it sounds like, confusion, illusion.

Playing games to gain our trust,  learn the difference, yes we must.

So four is not fork and candle is not handle but together they mangle talk (not tourque).