Playing is learning

and learning if finding out-

How something works,

How far is infinite?

Do stars have names?

The stellar ones, not people.


Learning to live, love and be loved.

Playing is life before we know why.

Reflecting on what if, what is, why?

Give praise for play, and theatre, music

Give praise to be learners of law,


Have fun while you play,

While away the time


Stand firm when you have played and learnt.

Don’t lose your wish to learn more.

Keep in mind what went before,

And learn from what’s in store…




Wet, rain, pouring, chucking it down, tipping down, soaking….

That’s what its like today, our canvas covered gazebo is literally on its last legs, the water on the top is making the sides bow. My partner has used a broom to empty it off but I think he will have to do it again soon.

Yesterday’s storm winds have dropped but the rain is torrential. I was coming back in the car from an appointment earlier and a storm drain lid was pushed up in the middle of the road and water was fountaining out of it!

I’m in the warm now but I got soaked. Sopping wet as they say… we are lucky to get rain in this country but the weather comes from all directions, we had a very hot dry summer, but I’m not sure what farmers will think of this. It might spoil their crops.

I was up at our village hall earlier and you could hear the rain drumming on the roof in places. Here you can hear the water overflowing the guttering and loudly falling outside the front door, or dripping and splashing off the window ledges. Hurrying traffic is sloshing water up from the road surfaces, lights shining through the curtains of rain. People rush past, umbrellas tipped to fend off the water. Darkness increases as the clouds lower overhead.

I’m off to make myself a warm drink.





The Sun is rising, its light peeking over the horizon, traffic is flowing past the front door…it’s 6.30 am and people are going to work. Can’t hear any birds singing, they don’t seem to as much this time of year. There is a wind buffeting the trees outside, and heavy rain is expected later.

I’m awake again after going to bed at 2am, I enjoy being up early sometimes, it helps me gather my thoughts, I guess I will probably go back to bed though. I don’t have any heating on so it’s quite cool in my living room, not that its been really cold yet, but you can certainly tell the season is changing to autumn.

One thing I must do is bring in my house plants. We put them outside this summer while we had the kitchen and bathroom done.¬† Trouble is we have no space now for a 6 ft weeping fig plant. Anyone need a huge weeping fig? Free to a good home (I’m not pay in for shipping!)

The cats are both asleep, I’m surprised they are not chasing each other. Seamus has lost his collar with its bell. Gracie could hear him coming before, so it’s become more equal in the game of sneaking up on each other and pouncing!

Well this is an exciting bit of blogging, my life laid bare…. I wonder why humans do this kind of thing. Hardly life shattering, I think I will go back to bed. Its now 6.44 am.



What does the word dereliction make you think of? Is it your physical surroundings? The derelict state the world seems to be in, or even the people about you?

Living in a town where there seem to be more homeless people than ever makes me feel like the whole of the town is guilty of a dereliction of duty to them. Why would a civilised society allow that to happen? I talk to the people sitting there out in all weather. I sometimes give them some change or the number of the homelessness teams rough sleepers telephone number. My partner saw the people around me looking on I disgust yesterday When I gave money to a homeless man.

When you see someone who has sores on his legs and apparently a broken ankle you have to think how? Why? How have we come to this. He could not get into a doctor because he has no address! I wish I had taken him to the hospital …I dont know why I didn’t. I’m scared society is being allowed to break. Our former leader Margaret Thatcher once said “there is no such thing as society “.

Sadly¬† I’m beginning to think she was right…shame on us all for allowing such dereliction of humanity.

Time Ticks

PicsArt_1536439451689It does! I started writing this over 12 hours ago but then the battery on my tablet went flat so I had to wait until now .

Anyway, time does tick by, sometimes I know exactly when the alarm is going to go off, and it does. I can wake up a second before the alarm clock goes off….nothing is clicking or whirring or spinning to give me a cue or a clue. Same with the alarm on our oven, last night I got up from my chair to check it just before it went off.

One explanation is the brain has tiny cells beating regularly giving us a sense of time. There are also electric nodes in your heart that regulate your heartbeat, and your breathing is a regular rhythm allowing you to get just the right amount of air.

But what is time, why do we feel times arrow? Why does a cup fall and then break as it hits the floor? Why isn’t it on the floor then bouncing back up onto the table, reforming from smashed to solid in a second? There is something called entropy, everything breaks down over time. Everything tends towards chaos. The Universe is cooling, as space expands. Astrophysicists speak of the heat death of the universe as everything spreads out and cools towards absolute zero. Galaxies are flying away from each other. If things continue, in many billions or trillions of years, we would have completely black skies, no stars in sight. Our Sun will have cooled to a husk of burnt matter and all the other Stars will fly off away for us. There is something called red shift, as galaxies move away their light shifts towards the red end of the spectrum, the larger the red shift the faster they are moving. There are theories about things called dark energy and dark matter that try to explain this, but I wouldn’t know where to start with that aspect of space time.

Time ticks for everything, although time may not actually exist, it might just be our way of measuring the passing of things happening, but not understanding the universe. But if it is real there may be an advantage of time. The end of the universe or more likely its continuous, infinite existence, will not happen in our time. But a long long long time in the future.


Looking out


The eye peeps out, looking into the street, one clear square of glass, the rest opaque, hiding the room beyond.

A glimpse of an eye, now gone. The rusting bars of the window still hold firm grip of the blackened glass. No splits or cracks, just that small patch where once there was..a blue eye? Almost missed, only glanced at.

Do I knock on the door next to the window? Or ignore it and walk by. The dilemma is not knowing which to choose. Who (or what ) is in there? It could be a homeless person, a drunk, a security guard. I am alone, walking down an old alley way. No, I dare not chance knocking, I don’t know what the outcome might be. I might come back in daylight. I leave the window and eye behind, walking quickly….

But steps are following me……..

Love, locked shut


You shackled my heart,

Love, locked shut,

You closed the gate and threw away the key.

Your love rusted away,

Stopping the blood,

Iron filings instead of red corpuscles…

Bitter cold rain blended with tears,

No love here,

No more love, no more light,

Fastened in and imprisoned,

The dove turned to stone.

Take flight through one tiny gap.

Find new love,